10 Harmful Products That Are Spoiled for Your Skin

10 Harmful Products That Are Spoil for Your Skin. We all know that good, healthy, radiant skin is not only the right genes, good sleep, and thorough cosmetic care but also the proper diet.

But to eat correctly, you need to know not only which foods are good for our skin, but which ones can ruin it. We are going to tell you a list of 10 harmful products to the surface and dishes.

To improve the health of skin suffering from inflammation, dermatologists advise eating more colored vegetables and fish, consuming more proteins, less sugar and dairy products, fewer carbohydrates. You also need to treat skin diseases and allergies on time, notice problems such as swelling or signs of early skin aging.

And, of course, try to exclude from the diet or minimize the following foods and dishes:

List of 10 Harmful Products That Are Spoil for Your Skin

1. “Coca-Cola.”

This drink that causes acne, even in adults, is nothing more than a carbonated mixture of a slightly acidic environment and a massive amount of sugar (including high-fructose corn syrup), dermatologists say. Such a composition is harmful not only to the skin but also to the teeth and bones – in general, for almost the entire body. Therefore, doctors advise drinking instead of “Coke” refreshing and truly low-calorie water.

2. Alcohol.

If you care about the condition of your skin, think twice before drinking another glass, glass, or cocktail. Alcohol leads to increased excretion of fluid from the body to dehydration, it drains the body – and, accordingly, the skin, leading to its early aging. Do not exceed your rate of alcohol per day (for example, one glass for women and two for men) – and you will enjoy without harm to the skin.

3. The Salt.

Are you worried about swollen eyes, swollen face? Increased salt intake can lead to this, doctors say. To prevent the eyes and face from swelling, you need to lower the daily salt intake (keep in mind that many “finished foods” are already salted — especially canned foods), add potassium-rich foods to your diet, and remember to drink enough water per day.

4. Agave.

Widely advertised today as a “natural and healthy sugar substitute,” nectar or agave juice is quite unhealthy because it consists of 97% fructose. An overdose of fructose leads to skin inflammation and is deposited in the liver with fat. Also, eczema and acne are some of the unfortunate results of poor digestibility of fructose.

Therefore, if you want to sweeten food or drink not with sugar, but with its natural substitute – take unrefined maple syrup or honey from an environmentally friendly apiary.

5. Coffee.

Doctors say that the latest research has shown that 2-3 cups of coffee stimulate the increased production of the “stress and death hormone” cortisol, resulting in a rapid heartbeat, blood flow to the muscles. Still, a decrease in the activity of the immune system, slowing down digestion, metabolism, and many brain functions.

Therefore, from regular consumption of coffee, people can often get sick, think worse and suffer from memory lapses, lose sleep and appetite, and also become depressed faster, since cortisol suppresses the production of the “hormones of joy and pleasure” of serotonin and dopamine.

As for our skin, it also suffers from regular coffee consumption, since with an increased level of cortisol in the body, the accelerated aging regime “turns on” – and this, in turn, harms the skin condition – including dry and thinning skin, dull and sluggish appearance. All this leads to the early formation of wrinkles.

If you find it difficult to overcome your dependence on coffee, try switching to a mixture of coffee and decaf (coffee without caffeine), or find a substitute for yourself among natural teas and herbal preparations.

6. Bagels.

This baking, popular in the West, similar to thick bagels or small rolls, increases the level of insulin in the blood, which leads to an increase in inflammatory processes in the body. Thus, regular consumption of these products accelerates skin aging, worsens the condition of acne sufferers or other types of acne.

Therefore, experts advise not to eat bagels, especially for breakfast, and replacing them with oatmeal with fruits is hearty, healthy, and tasty.

7. Potato chips.

The most common and usual chips for us (including ready-made fried potatoes from a restaurant, including) contain toxic and unhealthy trans-fatty acids, which not only get fat but also slows blood circulation – one of the causes of sore, loose and bumpy suffering from acne and acne.

8. Cheesecake.

Surprisingly, this beloved and popular dessert were also on the blacklist of dishes and products harmful to the skin. The thing is that it combines dairy products with simple and complex carbohydrates – an ideal combination for the development of acne and the early appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, do not abuse cheesecake.

9. Ready canned tomato sauces.

Doctors say that it is best to cook tomato sauce for your pasta yourself at home. After all, purchased sauces, oddly enough, are full of sugar that is invisible to us – and everyone knows that large doses of sugar negatively affect the skin and cause acne.

10. Butter popcorn.

The oil, salt, and carbohydrates contained in it harm our skin and arteries, which supply the skin with blood nutrients. Unlike milk and yogurt, butter is a dairy product of low nutritional value.

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