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10 tips for a freelancer to increase productivity

An interesting quote about increased productivity that always puts a smile on my face says that you will achieve stupid results faster and more energy. Well, while having a cup of coffee is okay, there are better ways to get through your daily tasks and be productive while doing it. In my search for ideas to increase productivity at work, I have collected quite a few tips.

So whether you’re tired of your work environment or looking for new habits to increase productivity as a freelancer, the following 10 productivity indicators will come in handy.

5 organizational proposals to increase productivity in the autonomous workplace

Drinking water
Drinking water

Drinking lots of waterworks wonders

To be highly productive, it is vital to stay well hydrated, and by this, we mean drink water, not sodas, energy drinks, or your favorite coffee.

It is advisable always to have a bottle of water nearby. If you spend most of your time at a computer workstation, your break sessions are a good time to rehydrate. Adopting this habit ultimately gives you mental clarity and an energetic body.

Stay away from the phone.

For some people, staying away from their phones even for a moment is a big challenge. If your phone is essential for work, make sure notifications are muted or turned off. But if the phone is not needed in another way, why not put it in another room or in a place where you cannot easily reach it?

Every time you take a break from work to scroll on the phone is a wasted moment, and your productivity suffers.

In her article in  Pick the Brain, Rebecca Benson says that phones are among the most distracting things. People are easily tempted to scroll through their social media pages for instant satisfaction.

Make sure your freelance workspace is stimulating.

It makes perfect sense to create a workspace that encourages positive habits and arouses the desire to deliver great results. It goes without saying that your work environment should encourage you to be more creative.

If there is a quote that motivates you, go ahead and print it out and post it somewhere strategic where it can be easily read. Even better, a familiar image might be just what you need to bring out the best in you.

You can never go wrong with a houseplant in your workspace, and letting in more natural light is a great way to stay relaxed. Make your workplace unique, and whatever makes it more productive, be sure to incorporate it into the office.

Music can help when working.

It’s true that while some people may find music to be very distracting when they work, others are more productive listening to their favorite tune. Therefore, it is recommended that all people experiment with what works for them.

The secret is to play the music that contributes to your efficiency and productivity. If you have a fairly complex and lengthy project, uplifting and inspiring music may be what you need. When you are very stressed, why not try piano sonatas to relax?

Remember, music should help you be more productive at work and not distract you.

It is important to have space in your workspace and that everything is in its proper place. Create a list of everything you need daily to get things done while prioritizing the resources and tools you use the most.

Then organize them well and make sure they are easily accessible, so you only have to spend minimal time searching for them. Please note that this applies to physical items plus digital information. To be safe, you can incorporate an application for password protection.

5 increase productivity tips for the mind

Strategize for the next day

Strategize for the next day the night before

While getting enough sleep is critical to being productive, it’s not always easy to sleep effortlessly. It would be best if you adopted a strategy of writing down your goals for your next day before bed.

This will help organize your ideas on paper and will also clear your mind more effectively. Also, continually check what you wrote and make changes or improvements as needed.

Focus on your big three

Now is the time to categorize your tasks. Michael Hyatt suggests prioritizing (and capitalizing on)  the big three assignments, especially those that are crucial and have a tight deadline.

It makes perfect sense that knowing your priorities makes it much easier to get things done; therefore, selecting the day’s objectives must be given the seriousness it deserves. It’s a good idea to keep the list in a strategic place to stay alert whenever there are distractions.

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Be aware of your optimal time frame

What is the duration you can dedicate to a project before it runs out? Or rather, what is the average period you can spend on a task before becoming unproductive? Can you write for 30 minutes, cold talk for half that time, or handle design tasks for an hour?

Whatever the scenario, make sure you understand your optimal time frame for a particular task and apply it. By beating deadlines, this technique gives you the freedom to optimize the time available. Better yet, you can divide your day into periods that best suit your work style.

Improve productive habits

When a person can get so excited about a new idea, they are overlook something that already exists. While it is tempting to apply a new technique that will change the tide in their favor, it is vital to note that some of their established habits also play a very important role.

For example, ask for a co-worker or associate to help you identify your existing strengths. So it’s just a matter of continually applying these positive points in your life.

Recognize variety

Regardless of whether you are working, having fun, or taking a well-earned break, always fully appreciate life. By appreciating the crucial role you routinely play in your life, being productive without breaking a sweat becomes more achievable.

Realizing each task, enjoying what you do will be a walk in the park; remember to rest accordingly. Give each of them the respect and time they deserve and know when to leave one and start the other.

Test and iterate

Before you attack your tasks next week, please take a good look at the method you use to accomplish them. Perhaps there is a time during the day when you seem to drag tasks or clutter in your workplace frustrates you, for example.

Also, do you find solving your mind challenging after the day’s out? In any case, by understanding the tips given above, you can hardly miss at least one idea that will improve your workday and help you be more productive.

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