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10 Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Unforgettable

10 Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Unforgettable. I’m sure you can’t wait for the holiday season to knock on your feet. Life has been pretty much good on you this year and for so many reasons, you deserve a special treat coming from yourself.

Traveling during on holiday season especially in December gives you the benefit of acquiring great travel deals. This is the time of the year where Travel and Tours companies offer such great deals and promos for all the backpackers out there. And who doesn’t like discounts and promos? Take advantage of these discounts and fly away to places you have never been to before. Try new extreme adventures wherever you are heading; whether it is a water sports adventure, yacht chartering, mountain climbing, sightseeing exploration, or horseback riding. There are so many things you can do in a place you are going to.

If going out on the holiday season is definitely now part of your plan, you have to bear in mind that you are not the only one in the world who is going to. So don’t let the advantage-taker drivers fool you around or the long lines at airports drag you down. To help you survive the burden in every holiday season vacation, we list down some important things you can take on before you pack your suitcase.

10 Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Unforgettable

1. Do research – It’s a smart way to plan your trip ahead of time but it’s wiser to research some things to keep you stable during your vacation. Like alternative ways, you can take to avoid you from traffic jams, nearby places in your where you can pay a visit or some gift shops around the area where you are staying in.

2. Pack light and wise – Just bring the necessary essentials to put in your backpack. There is no need to bring your whole closet with you, just the most important ones that will keep you cool all the way through. If you have no idea what to pack, follow this guideline and enjoy packing.

3. Pack your earplugs – Putting your earplugs on in a high volume while waiting for your flight in the airport is the best way to escape you from the stressful aura surrounding you. Co-passenger complaining about every detail of her trip? Earplugs. Bus seatmate’s loud music driving you nuts? Earplugs.

4. Travel early or at least late in that day – Take this advice seriously. Research proves that planes traveling earlier in the day of your vacation are always on time. And the best way to hit the road is when the sun is asleep. Escape the crowd while you can.

5. Pack some snacks – A stomach rumble can make you dysfunctional. This may cause you dizziness that you could unknowingly take the wrong flight or take the wrong turn. Don’t let this disaster happen. Pack snacks or biscuits and don’t forget to bring bottled water with you. Fuel yourself up for a long road trip or a long flight.

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6. Travel on off-peak days – Travel on the days where the majority of the people are still at their homes. The best option is to leave early on Christmas Day to avoid the crowd in the airport or in the terminal.

7. List down an itinerary – Maybe you already have an idea on where to go but you still can’t figure out what to do first. To keep you organized in a good way, squeeze in some time to make a list of the things you want to do and list of places you want to go to.

8. Shop at the gift stores – Because some of your friends will tell you “It’s okay for us if you can’t come back here anymore, just make sure our “pasalubong” can make its way to us.” But of course, buying a souvenir for yourself will always remind you of that place.

9. Stay connected – Staying online doesn’t mean you need to post every detail of your vacation trip on your Facebook Being connected while traveling means taking advantage of the travel apps to help you discover the nearest food stalls around you. Flight status app to give you real-time updates on delays. Google maps for directions and for local businesses. There are a lot of useful things you can do while you are connected.

10. Keep it cool Do crazy things. Get lost. Keep it slow. Remember, you are not in your office desk rushing a deadline. This is your time; you are in a place where no one knows about you. Make the most out of your time while you still can. Don’t feel bad for experiencing travel disasters during your trip, it is inevitable. All of it will make for great stories in the future.

Wherever you are heading this coming holiday season, make sure it makes you happy.

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