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4 Designs Of Stackable Wooden Wine Racks For Your Home

Today, we are going to know about Stackable Wooden Wine Racks For Your Home. For a home wine cellar, it might sometimes sound over-the-top to go straight away for a wine room. Not many can afford that. But, if you want to a great platform to perfectly showcase your small yet exquisite wine collection, then going for a stackable wine rack is the perfect option. A stackable wine rack lets you turn almost any space of your Houston home into an ideal platform to showcase your cherished wine collection.

Here, we shall be talking about some of the styles of stackable wine racks for you to choose from. Having these as standalone structures or as racks in custom wine cellars will make for the perfect show of your wines, one that your guests will awe at gladly. Each of these has its own set of qualities, and it depends on you to decide which one you want based on your home décor.

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4 Stackable Wine Rack Finishes Perfect for Your Houston Home

1. Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are one of the most common stackable wine rack designs. Wood provides for a very traditional appearance and goes very well with a vintage wine collection. There are many wood finishes for you to choose from, including Malaysian Mahogany, All Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, White Oak and many others. As for the style, you can go to corner wine racks, bin style wine racks, waterfall wine racks and more depending on the size of the collection and the aesthetics.

However, wood is less prone to preventing vibrations. So rather than a standalone structure, wooden wine racks are a better option for racking in a dedicated wine cellar room.

2. Metal Wine Racks

Stackable metal wine cellar racks are opted by those who prefer a modern look and appeal for their wine storage. The thing about metal wine racks is that you can have various patterns in them to uphold the look and add to your home décor. They are strong and provide for a better hold for your wine bottles. They also have a higher vibration-absorption ability. This makes them a better choice for standalone structures.

3. Wrought iron wine racks

Wrought Iron wine racks are perfect for those who want a transitional appearance for their wine cellars. While iron makes for a modern appearance, the wrought effect provides the perfect vintage feel. And the whole structure has an industrial look. Just like metal wine racks, they also have a strong structure. You can choose the black iron effect, the brushed gold effect for a more sophisticated appeal and much more.

4. Wall-mounted stackable wine racks

Now, wall mounted wine racks are for those who want not just to showcase their wine collection, but to literally “uphold” them. But since such wine racks are wall-mounted, you will have ample space in your house as they will need it. A wall-mounted wine rack in a small room makes the room appear much smaller. However, a wall-mounted wine rack is the best option for a vibration prone surrounding. The fact that it is wall-mounted prevents the bottles from swaying and keeps them intact.

Whichever finishes you choose for your stackable wine racks, be it wooden wine racks or metal or wrought iron, always consult a company of wine cellars with years of experience first. There are many such manufacturers of wine cellar racks that will give you practical suggestions as to which one will suit you and your Houston home.

These four types of stackable wine racks are all great additions to your home. All you have to do is decide which one is the best for your home space and décor and get them ordered from a renowned company of wine cellars.

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