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Top 5 Cardinal Sins That Every Blogger Should Avoid

5 Cardinal Sins That Every Blogger Should Avoid. These days it isn’t too difficult to start your very own blog. With professional blogging becoming a legitimate occupation, more and more people are finding a new home for themselves in the blogosphere.

You can make your blog stand out by making sure you do the right things, but also refrain from indulging in certain blogging sins. Here are 5 practices that every blogger should avoid.

1. Failure To Give Credit Where it’s Due

There is nothing like plagiarism to kill a blogger’s reputation. If you are taking information from a source, mainly another blog, always ensure that you give due credit. Besides accusations of plagiarism, it may also leave a blogger vulnerable to lawsuits. Even if there is no risk of legal proceedings being initiated, it’s still a matter of courtesy and online etiquette to credit your sources.

Online communities are usually quite close-knit, and no blogger in their right mind would upset an online community for something as silly as failure to give credit.

2. Not Interacting With Readers

When readers take the time and effort to go through your blog, it is only natural that they would like to have some sort of interaction with the author of the blog or particular article. Failure to interact with your readers is a big no-no. Ignore your readers, and you will soon find the number of people visiting your blog to be dwindling.

What is the point of having a ‘comments’ section if you are merely going to ignore any feedback that your readers provide?

Besides helping the readers feel appreciated, interacting with them can also provide you with a good idea of what visitors to your blog want to read about, a valuable source of ideas.

3. Skipping The Revision Process

Most bloggers, whether amateurs or professionals, seem to make the same mistake over and over again: publishing things on their blog without reviewing it. It doesn’t matter if your posts have content that is unique and top-notch; if there are mistakes that indicate sloppy writing, readers will quickly move on.

Proofreading and revising are crucial steps no matter what it is you are writing. Skipping the revision process is simply leaves a writer or blogger open to a lot of unnecessary criticism.

4. Lazy Researching

If your article is based on facts, make sure your facts are correct before you publish.

More than once has a blogger been targeted by readers, thanks to lazy researching methods. With so much information floating around the internet, it can be very tempting to simply quote the first piece of relevant information that comes along. However, that would be a huge mistake. The amount of time and effort you put into research shows in the overall quality of the article.

Just like plagiarism, improper research can amount to legal issues if someone takes umbrage to what has posted.

5. Delivering Content in Large Chunks

When making a point as a writer, it becomes straightforward to get carried away and start presenting information in large paragraphs. Over time, every writer tends to weed out the malpractice of run-on sentences. However, keeping paragraphs short and concise is a process that needs to be kept an eye on every single time you sit down to author a new article for your blog.

Prevent making these 5 silly mistakes, and you can truly call yourself a professional blogger.

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