Ad Copies Tips and Tricks For Google Ads

Ad Copies Tips and Tricks For Google Ads. Spending money on paid ads comes with multiple risks. With research, you can reduce most risks.

Make different copies for different platforms because different websites have different parameters.

Understand the difference between different ad networks and make ad copies that are complete.

Check competitors’ copies to know what they have to offer. You can make a better offer to people.

This article explains the tactics that help copywriters and marketers make extraordinary ad copies. Continue reading if you want to write creative and catchy ad copies with a high conversion rate.

Understanding Google Text Ads

When we search on Google (search engine), we see a page listing the relevant search results. This page is known as a search engine results page (SERP). This page has 10 organic results and some (paid) ads.

These ads are known as text ads or PPC ads. Google recently made changes to text ads. Advertisers now have more space to convey their message to potential buyers. Here is what makes a text ad by Google:

  • Three headlines (30 characters each)
  • Two Landing Page URLs (15 characters each)
  • Two descriptions (90 characters each)

In the past, the charter limit was low and advertisers had to show a short ad to searchers. After some recent improvements, advertisers can show more. Here is an example of a text ad by Google search:

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Google is quite specific about pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are Google’s guidelines for writing successful text ads:

  • Appeal to customers on mobile
  • Highlight what makes you unique
  • Empower customers to take action
  • Experiment by making multiple ads
  • Check for common ad text mistakes
  • Match your ad to your landing page
  • Include at least one of your keywords
  • Include prices, promotions, and exclusives

10 Tips to Writing Google Ad Copies

In this day and age, search ads by Google have become quite competitive. Moreover, you have to pay a lot each time a person clicks on your ad. How to get the best return on investment?

You should be careful while making ads and landing pages. Follow the best practices to do well. The following tips and tricks have been taken from and

1-: Include Keywords If Possible

The usage of the relevant keyword(s) in ad copy can make it stronger. Make sure you do not spam.

2-: Be Specific To the Search Query

To get a better response rate, make sure you bid for relevant keywords. This will enhance the response rate.

3-: Always Include a Call-To-Action

Not all ad viewers know what to do when they like the offer mentioned in your ad. Show your ad viewers a direction.

4-: Test Psychological Approaches

Features such as countdown clock and offer expiry details can make visitors take action.

5-: Use Various Useful Ad Extensions

There are a variety of ad extensions that can make your PPC ads campaign useful and fruitful. For example, Schema and Sitelinks extensions.

6-: Make Use of Dynamic Ad Features

Like ad extensions, other features can be used to ensure that our ads are as impressive as possible. Such kind of ads can perform much, much better.

7-: Performing A/B Testing is Worth it

Making just one ad copy would not suffice your campaign goals. Make two or more ad copies and then shortlist the best performing ad copy. It is a useful performance optimization method.

8-: Make Your Ads As Local As Possible

Most people that search for products or services prefer local search results. That is why you should show up for local searches or at least try to be local. Ignore this tip if you are not a local business.

9-: Try to Make a Personal Connection

Your ad copies should be personalized enough to make the viewer feel a connection with you. You can consider using words that try to develop a relationship. Use words like “you” and “your.”

10-: Ensure Your Landing Page Is Also Relevant

You should not try to deceive people by selling a different thing in ad copy and selling a totally different thing on the landing page associated with the ad copy. Doing so is also against Google’s policies.

Conclusion: Summing All Discussion Up

You have read how extraordinary ad copies can promote your product or service and help you sell more. In the end, we can say that understanding the ad network, who is supposed to show your ad, is a must.

If you know what it takes to make creative and catchy ad copies with a high conversion rate, you can promote your products and services easily. Read more articles if you need more details about this topic.

If you are not well versed in writing ad copies, you should take professional help to get better results. Have you not got any experience in writing ads? Do not worry! A copywriter can do the magic.

Make sure you hire an expert who has been working with Facebook and Google ads services. Whether you hire a writer or you do it yourself, we wish you all the best with your business growth goals.

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