7 Best Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

In the world of SEO, The content is king. Today, one of the useful and positive things you can do for your site and its reach is in Content Writing that can read, interact with, and learn from your growing audience.

That said, pinpointing what makes great Content Writing can’t be easy.

How do you create the right amount of useful, shareable content?

The sad truth is, you can consistently produce a great stream of new and fresh content without getting the conversion rate and organic traffic that you expect. The reason is typical because even though your content is great, it doesn’t meet the needs of your audience.

Why Your Blog Needs Top Quality Content

Your content has to be the best, and it has to stand out from the competition. Perhaps more importantly, it must strike a chord with people reading it, And that normally needs some analysis (but we will get to that later).

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Content Writing game, here are some proven tactics you may want to consider.

7 Best Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

Keep An Eye On Social Media.

You’re probably already tuned in enough to your brand’s activity on major social media channels. If you’re not, you definitely should be! But this knowledge alone is not enough.

Make sure you broaden your attention on social media so you can take advantage of viral events or niche- and business-related issues. You will be able to recognize your audience’s very problems by paying greater attention to the discussions taking place on sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Make Sure You Know Who You’re Selling To

You need to keep in mind at every step of your business that your customers are not just demographics with varying purchasing power. When thinking about the content that you want to engage your customers specifically, it is of the utmost importance to consider who they are.

Check out customer ratings, comments, and complaints spark inspiration for your latest content post. Another great way to get into the heads of your customers is to offer customer questionnaires on your site. Ask them what they think of your brand. Ask them what they think of your products or services.

Not only will this give you enough material to work on when Content Writing, but it will also help your customers feel more involved in the business and heard more, it will only contribute to greater customer loyalty.

Don’t think it’s essential to understand your customers? Consider research done by Invesp, which found that building a compelling buyer persona can lead to an incredible 238% conversion boost.

Discover The Competition.

In today’s business world, there is nothing wrong with seeing where your competition compares to you by taking a look at the type of content that gets good reviews on your top competitor’s site.

You can do this in two ways. First off, you can look at their site and see what type of Content Writing is getting the majority of shares and responses.

The other more in-depth way to determine what resonates on your competitor’s pages is to perform a Competitor Content Audit. That will give you a complete overview of what’s happening in your business. This is useful knowledge you can use not only to improve your strategy for digital marketing, but also to improve your strategy for search engine optimization.

Another critical part of looking at the rivals is seeing what kind of social media influencers they are associated with.While you might not want to poach your game influencers directly, you can see how they use influencers and leverage their outreach and following.

Search For Your Keywords

This is because keywords aren’t as powerful as they used to be improving the reach of your website and the content (tactics like keyword stuffing are a thing of the past), but that doesn’t mean that keywords- keys no longer matter. They do it!

A great way to use keywords is to grab your keyword research to see what people are talking about online, sharing, and responding. You can check out keyword research tools like this list here or use ahrefs – or some other keyword tool.

Use essential keywords to come up with great headline ideas, or combine different keywords to create an interesting new topic for your blog.

Don’t Undermine The Importance Of Your Title.

How important a title is to your papers can be easily forgotten, but ignoring the first thing a potential reader sees is a major mistake. Even if you know what you want to write and have brilliant ideas about the subjects you’re going to discuss, take a deep breath, and think about your new job title for 5-10 minutes.

Better yet, consider chatting with some of your coworkers to see if they have any good ideas for a title. They can have a completely different approach that can improve not only the headline but also the Content Writing.

A headline should be quick and to the point, attract readers, but not be a bait. It is a balance, and you will still find that excellent balance with the extra time.

Research, Research, Research

You want to create engaging and informative content, and one of the best ways to make sure that you accomplish this goal is to energize your work with valuable information. Don’t write just two to three pages of flyers that don’t even teach the reader anything.

Another type of research you want to do is find out what works when it comes to content Writing.

In 2017, Buzzsumo scanned 100 MILLION posts to find out what people tend to share and why. The results in terms of content production have been extremely useful. Longer content is increasingly more common. Images are important to success, and people prefer to share items with which they are associated emotionally, rather than intellectually.

Believe it or not, fear was the most common emotion associated with sharing, at 25%. Laughter was the second most popular emotion, 17%. The second was 15% Amusement. Believe it or not, given what you hear on the news, anger has only occupied a 6% share on social media.

It is also never a bad idea to include hard-to-understand facts in your content Writing. No need to convert your content into a doctoral thesis, but it definitely does not hurt the factual information to back up any of your claims.

Don’t Forget To Optimize

Now you’ve done the research and put your blood, sweat, and tears into great content Writing. That will surely satisfy your customers. You’re near the finish, but you’re still not there!

Now, this is the time to take the content you wrote and make sure you optimize your work before you publish it through on-page search engine optimization.

If your writing has a specific general-purpose, chances are you already have the necessary keywords and concepts.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind the important SEO that you want to keep in mind before posting:

  • Make sure your meta description is concise but descriptive.
  • Make sure your sub-headers contain keywords and variations.
  • Link to the authority sites you used to create your content
  • Link to internal content-related pages to maintain visitor interest with your site
  • Add images, with descriptive alt text.

Incorporating visual aids like videos and slideshows isn’t necessary for your content to be successful, but it can help!

It is also important to keep in mind that there is simply no way to predict whether or not a little bit of content you create will be successful.


As hard as it may be to hear, no hard work necessarily means that your new creation is going to gain traction. That said, if you constantly work to publish well-written articles loaded with information and insight, your audience will gradually increase. It’ll probably take some time, and it might take you several months to see the fruits of your labor, but the fruits are coming!

In many ways, Content Writing is the personality of your business. It not only gives something to read to your audience and customers, but it also lets them know about your personality, interests, and more.

Don’t think of content as a simple transaction. Use it as a tool. Use it as a way to solve the questions you have in your business practices. In more ways than one, it can be incredibly satisfying.

You have got to start writing!


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