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The most common dysfunctions in men include premature ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction. The effects 52% of men between the ages of 50 and 70, including complete forms of ED.

Physical causes for erectile dysfunction in men include vascular, hormonal, and neurologic factors. The risk factors for atherosclerosis (including smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol) are also risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

Little attention has paid to endocrine ingredients. Testosterone modulates desire, orgasmic function. Concerning the testosterone modulates the integrity of genital sensory receptors. Concerning the arousal response, reduced testosterone blood levels can influence the efficacy of Sildenafil. If the medicine response is not reliably improving erection, the physician should first check if the patient is taking the pill correctly. The erectile questionnaire used to determine erectile function.

Other risk factors for erectile dysfunction include stroke, neurologic problems, and medications for treating diabetes, anxiety, hypertension, stress, heart disease, and depression.

There are many therapies for erectile dysfunction, but the approved medication in the US is the PDE 5 enzyme inhibitor sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), vardenafil (Levitra). PDE5 inhibitors act to relax p*nile erectile tissues with s*xual stimulation, thus enhancing your ability to get an erection. ED Pills is effective for all sorts of erectile dysfunction in 69% of people.

Erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a problem that plagues many men. Today, more than 152 million of them suffer from this disorder. Therefore, this is not a rare problem, and it is time to start talking about it openly. You are certainly not alone in this.

Erectile dysfunction is not a life-threatening disease, but it can have a huge impact on a man’s health, relationships, and quality of life. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a fairly usual violation of physical function in men. Erectile dysfunction defined as an incapability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to meet physical needs.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition. When a man cannot achieve an erection, that is, he cannot maintain that condition. The causes can be many, either organic or psychological.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable to obtain or maintain an erection adequate to satisfy both physical partners. Physical intercourse with this ailment, like an ejaculation, is possible.

Cases of this disorder increase with age, appearing in men over 50 years in almost 70%.

Erectile dysfunction, therefore, has two forms: organic erectile dysfunction and psychogenic erectile dysfunction. The first is a dysfunction caused by operation or disease. Erectile dysfunction often occurs as a sign of another disease. At-risk are diseases in which the nervous or circulatory system damaged.

Structurally vardenafil is similar to Sildenafil, while tadalafil is very different. Vardenafil is almost ten times more than Sildenafil, therefore a dose is needed to facilitate the p*nile erection, potentially resulting in fewer side effects. Many people stop taking medicine because they are experiencing side effects.

What are the causes?

It is difficult to determine what exactly causes premature ejaculation. From an evolutionary point of view, in this case, it is valid – The sooner a man reaches orgasm.

Doctors used to think that ED was mainly caused by psychological factors, such as anxiety, depression. Most cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by physical illness. Psychological problems cause of erectile dysfunction.

  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction:
  • There are many treatments for erectile dysfunction.
  • Oral medication (tablets) such as Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, and Generic Levitra
  • Psychotherapy and counseling
  • External vacuum p*nile pump devices
  • Injections directly into the penis
  • Penile prosthetic implants
  • Hormone therapy

The treatment of Erectile dysfunction (ED) or male impotence. You have to counsel authorities who will give the best possible medicines to get free from this problem.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:

The disease can make itself felt at any age, but symptoms of erectile dysfunction are more common in men over 35 years old.

Young people most often observe a psychogenic form of dysfunction. It develops dramatically when sexual intercourse suddenly becomes completely impossible; thoughts about it are accompanied by anxiety or fear. At this nocturnal and spontaneous erection is preserved in full.

The following symptoms manifest it:

  • The weakening of erection during sexual intercourse;
  • Decreased sexual desire;
  • Violation of orgasm.

What is the solution?

The most common useful method of treating erectile dysfunction is treated with pills. The most invasive and least used method is surgery. No more than one tablet per day should be used, and it should not be given to people under 18 years of age.

We also offer just such tablets: Vilitra and Fildena.

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