Causes And Best Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Today we know about Causes And Best Solution for Erectile Dysfunction. Depending on which of the two mentioned states, the causes, and factors that cause them also differ. Therefore, I will divide the causes of short erections, according to the two specified conditions and analyze them separately:

If it is a rapid weakening of a previous firm erection, it can be:

Lacking blood supply to the penis: One of the most popular factors that induce premature erectile dysfunction is the faulty filling of the genitals with blood. In the beginning, enough blood can get into the penis, but it stays in it only for a relatively short time, and then most of the blood needles. The problem may be due to incorrect operation of the hatchets.

Testosterone deficiency: The second reason for the problem is similar to lower libido, which creates physical arousal and erection of the penis from the beginning, but after a while, the libido decreases, and this also causes the end of full erection. The most common cause that causes insufficient libido, in this case, is low levels of the hormone testosterone.

Poor lifestyle: Irregular diet, lack of rest, unnecessary physical and mental fatigue are all factors linked to poor lifestyle and poor lifestyle. In many men, it results in a weakened erection.

If the climax is too fast, the causes may be as follows:

Continued intimate avoidance: Too rapid ejaculation is typical, especially for men with little physical experience, or for those men who have experienced a longer period of intimate abstinence. In this case, the man is much more sensitive to intimate arousal and orgasm after a relatively short period of passionate intercourse.

Psychological factors: Problems with premature ejaculation or occasionally late ejaculation can have onset psychological problems. Mental imbalance, nervousness, fear of failure, knowledge of past negative experiences, all this can cause a premature orgasm in a man.

Muscle weakening: The muscles located in the pelvic area are also responsible for erection and ejaculation. The weakening of this muscle also called the PC muscle or the pubococcygeal muscle, leads to a reduction in conscious control during copulation, for example, over the delay and delay of ejaculation at the moment when the man already feels that the climax is approaching.

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Causes And Best Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Common factor

One of the main basic factors that can significantly contribute to both types of short erection problems is stress. If this case applies to you, try to calm down in advance, do not rush anywhere, and tell your partner to help you create a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere for mutual love.

How to increase an erection?

There are many ways to increase the duration of an erection, delay ejaculation, and ways to enjoy sensuality more. If we do not instantly take into account the professional medical help that I think most men do not need, you have numerous opportunities to try it at home.

Try these activities in the following order:

More regular sexual intercourse

Training makes perfect, and when it comes to making love, the same goes. If you have more sexual intercourse, the erection time may gradually increase, which also applies to the time to climax. However, your creativity and cooperation with your partner in this direction are essential. A suitable solution is an intermittent intercourse, which causes repeated sexual stimulation, but at the same time, you train to delay ejaculation.

Better lifestyle and a healthier lifestyle

If you are interested in ensuring that the blood supply to your genitals is in order and of good quality, you must pay attention to healthy eating in connection with your cardiovascular system, blood vessels, and heart. Don’t eat greasy and fatty foods, eat more vegetables, and avoid alcohol and smoking. It is also important to relax well physically and mentally, indulge in sleep, and still not stress.

Special exercises

As mentioned, one of the causes of the weakening of control over the ejaculation itself is the weakening of the PC muscle. In layman’s terms, this is a muscle with which you can, for example, stop urination. If you want to train this muscle, Kegel exercises are suitable. In addition to these exercises, massage, exercises called the Master-Johnson method is used to delay premature climax.


Anaesthetic preparations, such as gels and creams, can also be a solution to the problem of premature ejaculation. They work on the principle that they reduce the sensitivity of nerve receptors in the genitals and so the man will less “feel” s**ual arousal.

In addition to these products, you can also try some “homemade recipes,” such as doubling condoms or using a special hoop around the root of the penis. Such hoops are mostly made of silicone, and you can buy them in erotic e-shops.

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Tablets for erection and delay ejaculation

At the moment, I am thinking of ED pills Like Fildena 100, Vigora 100, which has a Sildenafil composition that provides help with a given type of erection problems. Some Fildena 150mg tablets are intended to improve the erection itself, others to delay ejaculation, or to prolong the erection time without climax. Not all of them act the equivalent, which is why, for example, he changed his mind carefully.

Professional treatment

As far as professional treatment is concerned, two solutions are chosen here, basically according to the underlying cause. If the erection is not strong enough, the doctor prescribes drugs like Fildena 120 to improve blood flow to the genitals, usually drugs designed to treat erectile dysfunction.

As far as the professional treatment of premature ejaculation is concerned, antidepressant-like drugs are prescribed here, which have the task of reducing a man’s sensitivity to sexual stimulation. In both cases, however, possible side effects cannot be ruled out.


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