The Covid-19 Signals Drastic Measures After The Dead Set Records

The Covid-19 Signals Drastic Measures After The Dead Set Records.

HOUSTON (A.P.) – A South Korean city of Carolina on Thursday reported the spread of the coronavirus in hotspots around the United States, including a hospital in Texas, military medical staff, and an out-of-place morgue in Phoenix. Requesting to fetch

Record numbers of infections and deaths have re-emerged in the southern and western states, reaching the doorsteps of hospitals, and there are fears around the world that the epidemic is just beginning to recover.

An additional 10,000 and 129 deaths reported in Texas for the third day in a row. The state has seen a third of its more than 3,400 COVID-19 deaths in the first two weeks of July alone.

The virus reached another notorious record in Florida, with 156 deaths, and health officials reported a staggering 13,965 new cases.

South Carolina confirmed 69 deaths, more than doubling the second day. In Louisiana, where officials believe the virus existed earlier this year just to be a hot spot, there has been an average of more than 2,000 new confirmed infections a day in the past week.

Many of the governors leading the fastest-growing states have refused to issue public mandate mandates or have prevented local authorities from doing so. At the same time, many of them have changed their minds – including the Republican governor of Arkansas. And while at least 25 states now have mask rules, Georgia’s government, Brian Camp, banned cities and counties from requiring facial cover and then sued Atlanta for allowing the city to violate its order. Stop.

Masks ordered in the Georgian capital and 14 other cities, but the Republican governor has maintained that no local directive can be more or less restrictive than its statewide mandate.

“When our state puts our hands behind our backs and then says how can we take care of our local needs,” Savannah Mayor Van Johnson told reporters. He later added: “If you do not want to protect us, let us protect ourselves.”

Arizona, meanwhile, has been hit hard by the virus, with the Office of the Medical Examiner in Metro Phoenix is acquiring portable storage coolers and further orders to handle the arrival of bodies – the height of the epidemic earlier this year. But New York City is reminiscent.

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Arizona Agency’s regular death storage on Thursday was 63%. Marcy Flanagan, executive director of the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, said many buries homes have the capacity and are unable to accept more bodies.

In Texas, the growing numbers are affecting large cities such as Houston, as well as small communities along the Mexican border. This month, Hidalgo County, about 2,220 miles (354 kilometers) south of San Antonio on the border, has reported more casualties than Harris County, Houston.

Hidalgo County Public Health Authority Dr. Evan Melendez said it was not uncommon for the body of a Coyote 19 patient to be placed on a stretcher for 10 hours before it could be removed to crowded hospitals where intensive care is scarce. Is.

“Before someone goes to bed in the CoVID ICU unit, someone has to die there,” Melendez said.

Elsewhere in the second-largest state, health officials in San Antonio also turned to refrigerated trailers to store the dead, and troops prepared to seize COVID-19 from a Houston hospital.

An 86-member Army team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics were setting up a nursing station at the United Memorial Medical Center and expected to begin treating 40 patients in the coming days.

Some soldiers from across the country wore their uniforms. Others wore bushes attached to strips of surgical tape with their ranks, names, and medical titles.

Sheila Jackson-Lee, a U.S. Rep. From the Houston Democrats, said, “This facility, which works with the United States military, is something we asked for.” “We have exhausted the medical staff for which we are very grateful, but we did not have enough.”

In South Carolina, where the coronavirus crisis is deepening, the mayor of Charleston has appealed for spiritual help.

Mayor John Tickelberg said, “We turn to God at this time.

Declaring a day of prayer and remembrance for centuries, the holy city has been named for the number of church colonies, surrounded by pastors of various faiths around Tillenberg, who died, the sick, Prayed for his family and health care. Workers, scientists, vaccine seekers, and politicians.

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Full coverage: a virus spread

Charleston is the hottest state in the state with one of the worst new cases in the country. South Carolina is a microcosm of how the virus has been eradicated in the United States for the past few months. About 39% of the more than 62,000 known cases in the state have been diagnosed in the last two weeks.

South Carolina has set a record of nearly 19 hospital admissions each day this month. The 69 deaths reported on Thursday helped 1,000 people die from the virus, the 25th state to cross the threshold.

According to a Johns Hopkins University study, more than 13.5 million infections have been confirmed worldwide, and more than 588,000 people have died. The number is high for many reasons, including limited testing.

Anywhere around the world:

  • Brazil’s Ministry of Health says 200,000 confirmed infections and 76,000 deaths have occurred in the country. Since the end of May, an average of more than a thousand deaths has been recorded in Brazil at an alarming plateau that is still tilted downwards.
  • Millions of people flocked to Europe during the summer vacation season, scenes of drunken drunkenness on the Spanish island of Mallorca ignoring the social distance rules of British and German tourists and Reports of serious measures being taken by U.S. Visitors to Ireland have raised fears of a resurgence of the infection.
  • In France, which has seen a new outbreak, Prime Minister Jean Costakis has said that masks will be made mandatory in closed public places like next week – as previously announced, soon after August 1.
  • A record daily in India, with an increase of 32,700 incidents, pushed its total to 1 million, and two weeks after it reopened for tourists in the famous West Coast state of Goa, three Forced daytime lockdown and night curfew.

Para reported from Madrid and Collins said from Colombia, South Carolina. Associated Press correspondents compiled the report from around the world.

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