Destination Travel Resorts with the Unified Payline Payplan

You know for sure that I have pre-promote Destination Travel Resorts with the Unified Payline Payplan and have promoted it this way.

Well, you have seen the concept or not yet, but you not understand the potential; however, I believe.

Allow me to explain.

I always said that this is not some sort of “lazy spillover straight line” pay plan and said you have to build a team to qualify for the payline commissions so commissions you usually would not earn because they are not in your group!

This is HUGE getting paid on volume and downlines, which are not in your team.

Or do you get paid in any other payment plan on your sidelines who are not in your team?

NO! But here you can!

But you have to “work” so to “build” your team in this big team… the unified payline.

You can get paid unlimited levels deep, and it will take a while to get some sort of blocked.

Maybe years! In the meantime, you would have made a fortune.

Here is what the concept is all about.

It’s a global company that will have a travel search booking engine like Expedia etc. something we all know and use or have used.

This travel search booking engine will give everyone who books a vacation package. A fly rent a car etc. a “cashback,” so it’s a travel cashback booking engine, and it cost no fees or something etc.

Everyone who joins FREE gets their cashback booking engine website… no fees ever and can refer others and get paid five levels deep on the “Booking Travel Volume.”

Nobody can make a real income with this I would honestly say but make maybe a few 100’s to a few 1000’s each year depending on how many “free members” they have in the first five levels (uni-level, nothing to do with the payline while everyone who signs up is in that unified payline and can upgrade to get paid big time).

So free members can make money GLOBAL!

And the booking prices are like everywhere else or even lower!

So why should someone not book here and get a cashback with the chance to refer a few friends and who the same five levels deep and make “free money” on the side!

And travel is a product everyone understands and no need to explain so it could be like this.

“Friend ask Friend: Hey, I have my travel booking website, and I got it for free, and you can too and make some cash back. Before you book the next vacation, can you take a look and maybe you will find a better offer and get even money back!

You can refer your friends too so they can get a cashback also, and you get a % of what they book.”

This is an example, so you understand the potential.

Now if you become a member “thinking long term” because travel will always be sold and it never runs out and is still available… you can make money on all the fees and booking in your payline and not just on all free member bookings five levels deep “if you qualify for it” so you need to do your part of the “teamwork” and qualify to unlimited ear levels deep on maybe millions of sales in membership packages fees and travel booking!

I think we all can talk to everybody about this because the product is not some exotic juice that costs $60 per bottle or some magic pill, or some virtual software or other virtual nonsense products.

Everybody understands when you mention it right away, no need to explain.

Destination Travel Resorts with the Unified Payline Payplan

Does that make sense to you?

Right now, not all are in place. It’s for visionary leaders who see the potential, and if you want it “perfect” wait until March 1st. Still, you are going to lose all those members who already joined after you and who would be in your downline and as well all the potential members that participate in the coming weeks until March 1st when a full launch is.

The pay plan is vast, and I have explained the bullet points on my website already.

People love to travel, and we just share another way to book their travel and get a cashback and can earn some money for free (means no fees for free members who want to make five levels deep some money on the side).

Then we have a great marketing system, and you just share one of the websites, and that’s it.

Soon there will be a movie, and everything will work fine, just now it’s in prelaunch, so not all is ready, please understand that.

What product can be more natural than travel?

And it was coming with a great marketing system that has it proven over and over again in many years to work and that in combination with a real one-line pay plan?

Everyone is getting a check that will be between $10 – $160 in the first month getting paid on the first ten members that joined after them plus every month something as well on those members based on the monthly membership fees.

But you can join and pay the yearly fee too. Then some commissions are already paid in full!

Then there is the big package for $1599, and you make a 25% fast start, so that’s $400.

Refer four, and you are at breakeven, and your package is paid!

Not forget we make money on all travel bookings and that can be millions fast if a vacation for a small family of 3 cost $5000 is only 200 vacations booked at this price, and you look at 1 Million. US$.

And actually, the fees are low.

$99 at least the first month and $29.95 a month only. That’s not something nobody can afford with the potential earnings that can happen long term or in a few months or weeks.

This is Network Marketing, so sure you have to build a team and get it going. Still, I don’t know another payment plan that pays like this and allow us to get paid on “everyone” under us even they are outside of our “personal team” the personals we enrolled and they to infinity!

So take another look and option to get a free spot and understand the potential and then get everyone in before some other teams take off and creating huge incomes. Then you say, “Would I have listened earlier and taken a closer look and would have taken it seriously.”

That doesn’t need to happen. Do it NOW, and don’t wait until others come to you, but YOU come to them NOW!

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