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Get Rid of Peripheral Neuropathy With Foot Massager

Foot massagers have been the most common for relaxing and soothing various foot ailments and peripheral neuropathy, but do you have an idea that they can be really helpful in peripheral neuropathy.

Yes, you have heard it right.

If you have been told that you have to live with the most dreading and incurable peripheral neuropathy throughout your life, then it is not true to the fullest.

Where it is not possible to get rid of this wrecking nerves weakening disease, there are a lot of ways to control or at least reduce it.

What is peripheral neuropathy?

The human body is an intricate network of nerves, from which some are meant to carry the messages from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body and also return back to the brain. When these nerves are damaged or are diseased enough not to function properly, you refer to it as peripheral neuropathy.

What causes peripheral neuropathy?

Well, there are a lot of reasons that causes peripheral neuropathy from chemotherapy to inflammatory issues, auto-immune diseases, exposure to toxic chemicals, protein abnormalities, and the most common cause of all is diabetes.

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy

The signs and symptoms might include;

  • The onset of numbness or tickling in the feet and hands.
  • Pricking into legs.
  • Sensitivity to the touch.
  • Lack of coordination in the muscles.

Most of the common symptoms are sore feet to the state of feeling them numb or burning.

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The question arises, what are the possible ways to cure peripheral neuropathy?

There are a lot of ways to naturally reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy from which the most effective is a foot massage.

If you have tried everything and there is still no ease to your peripheral neuropathy, you need to try foot massage that comes with significant improvement.

How foot massagers help in reducing the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

Our feet, like every other part of the body, require proper activity and movement to help in better functioning of the whole body. Foot massagers are the most innovative and useful when it comes to curing or treating various foot-related diseases like peripheral neuropathy.

The essence of the massage is to get those damaged nerves to get working again or at least initiate a stimulation to get them to start working again.

Foot massager for peripheral neuropathy; choose the best!

When it comes to curing a specific disease it is important to look for the factors that are of great importance and are of greater use. Choosing the most effective foot massager for your personal needs it is important to look for features like;

  • Shiatsu: a traditional Japanese massage technique that gives the feel just like hands to stimulate nerves. A massager must have different Shiatsu settings that give a massage just like masseuse’s hands.
  • Compression: it is the most important therapeutic massage tool that directly applies the pressure on the feet in order to stimulate and relax muscles.
  • Heat: to loosen the tight muscles it is necessary to provide a certain amount of heat that increases the blood flow, which in turn reduces muscle tension.
  • Hydrotherapy: muscle pain is one of the major symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Hydrotherapy is based on a massage that uses water pressure to treat the problem. A massager with a combination of water jets, bubbles, and vibrations is the way to go for better treatment of peripheral neuropathy.
  • Kneading and pressure: the technology has improved beyond our imagination and there are massagers that offer different styles of kneading and pressure on the foot to enhance the massage experience.

These are the most important features that a massager should have as it helps in reaching the right spots on your feet and triggers the stimulation that helps in curing the symptoms of the disease.

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Types of foot massagers

Beside these massage features, you will see various type of massagers like:

  • Electric; these massagers are the most advanced and the most relaxing to get a professional massage at home as compared to other types of foot massagers that are available in the market. They come with enormous styles and types of rollers, heat settings, water and oxygen bubbles, and kneading styles that address the actual problem.
  • Manual; if you are more of a traditional person, these are the best for you as they are made up of plastic and wood to treat foot issues.
  • Hand-held; these massagers offer the most versatile range of options from price to styles and designs. They come in manual and electric variations that offer you to go for the one that suits your needs the most. Besides that, they offer you a more versatile use rather than just a foot massage but these will not be as effective as the electrical foot massagers that are made specifically for the feet.

Choosing the type of massager depends solely on personal preference. The best you can make out of a massager is by getting the one that you are comfortable using.

but, electric foot massagers are the most effective in treating peripheral neuropathy as they offer more professional and automated massages that are not possible to achieve with manual and hand-held massagers.

Best electric foot massagers

InvoSpa Shiatsu Foot Massager

They are the most popular when it comes to peripheral neuropathy as they offer bi-directional massage that covers each and every inch and part of your feet along with heating and air compression.

Zyllion Foot Massager

Made to excel in foot massages, this massager offers individual foot massage with brilliant heating functionality. The best kneading, 3 stage multiple massage modes, air pressure and compression this massager excel in what it is made for. 

It does not matter what massager you are getting or how expensive it is if you are getting the right results. The most important is to consider your personal preference and needs or requirements.

Where a wide range of variety and lavishing designs can overwhelm you while choosing the right massager, it is advised to give it a try before making a purchase.

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