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Getting the Right Size Refrigerator from Single, Double or Multi Door for Home

For an average household, combining cost-efficiency with upgraded technology and easy access are the prime concerns while choosing appliances. Keeping in mind the variety of requirements consumers have, choosing the right refrigerator that is not only economical but also takes up adequate space while providing them uncompromised quality is a priority for most brands. Equipped with the latest technology and a range of options to choose from, refrigeration brands such as Haier offer options that are adapted to every taste and need. 

Coming in all shapes and sizes, the Haier range of refrigerators is designed for highly specified needs to cater to each of customer demands while keeping it economically accessible. Allowing consumers to indulge in luxury, the range includes single, double, and multi-door refrigerators that are compactly designed to complement your home, in addition to enhancing its attraction factor. In this article, we do comprehensive Haier fridge reviews, and below are the best fridges under 20000 rupees from Haier, to make your selection easy while buying a refrigerator.

Haier 195Ltrs 4S Single Door Refrigerator (HRD-1954PBD-R)

With an adequate capacity of 195 L adaptable for an average Indian household, the Haier Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HRD-1954PBD-R) combines performance and luxury. Its 4-star rating ensures that its operation is both environment-friendly and sensitive to cost reduction. Designed with a sturdy exterior of toughened glass, the appliance is long-lasting and elegantly built. 

With low power consumption of 151 watts and company assured warranties on the compressor and the main unit, the Haier Single-Door Refrigerator is an all-in-one appliance for those looking for hassle-free operation. Its compact dimensions of 1313 mm x 628 mm x 541 mm fits into your kitchen comfortably and enhances your interiors.

Haier 247 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRF-2672CRC-H)

Designed with the latest technology including Frost-Free operation and host of other features, the Haier 247 L (HRF-2672CRC-H) Double Door refrigerator is an ideal pick for your requirements. The 247 L capacity allows for versatile usage across families with 2-4 members comfortably. Its filter cum deodorizer, leather finish cabinet, and high performing compressor ensure that the appliance looks attractive and operates efficiently. 

Company-assured warranty of 10 years on the compressor and a 2-star energy rating promises to cut down on maintenance costs and your annual electricity bills. 

Haier 192 L 3 Star (2020) Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator (HRD-1923PMG-E)

With a star rating of 3, the Haier Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator promises to be an efficient and cost-saving appliance. The refrigerator is designed keeping in mind the latest technology trends in the market, with DEFT that boosts cooling retention and freezing performance. For ease of usage, the Haier refrigerator also comes with additional accessories like a base stand to store sensitive items like potatoes and onions.

What’s more, the appliance is budget-friendly since it functions without a stabilizer due to its stabilizer-free operation, and protects the compressor against voltage fluctuations. Additionally, its low energy consumption saves up on your bills annually, making it a versatile product.

Haier 258 L 2 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (HEF-25TGS)

If you are looking for a refrigerator that provides top-notch performance with the budget-friendly operation, the Haier (HEF-25TGS) refrigerator is the ideal pick. Designed with double doors for ease of usage, the appliance complements the interiors of your home. A capacity of 258 L allows adequate refrigeration for a family of 2 to 4 members. What’s more, the Haier refrigerator is appropriate for those looking for frost-free operation since the model is equipped with the latest version of Frost-Free freezing technology.

The tough exterior and spacious interior ensure that the Haier (HEF-25TGS) refrigerator lasts you over a long period. It is one of the best fridges under 20000, with warranties on both the product and compressor, Haier promises an economically sound choice while buying the appliance.

Haier 220 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HRD-2204PMG)

Equipped with features like Direct Cool and 1 Hour Icing Technology for efficiency, the Haier (HRD-2204PMG) refrigerator combines economic viability with high performance. Available with a single door feature with a capacity of 220 L, the refrigerator lets you store your food in a sizable space with minimum hassles. Worried about high electricity bills? The Haier refrigerator is equipped with a power-saving mechanism that accords it a 4-star rating to deliver maximum efficiency with cost cuts to keep your savings intact.

Weighing just over 54kgs, the Haier (HRD-2204PMG) refrigerator is both easy to handle and to move across your kitchen. Moreover, it is also equipped with a built-in stabilizer that prevents unnecessary damage to its compressor and allows you to buy the appliance without extra expenditure on additional accessories.

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