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10 Best Google AdSense Approval Tips for Beginners

If you are a Blogger. So you must have come to mind somewhere about Google Adsense Account Approval. The question about Google Adsense Approve on his blog keeps revolving in the minds of most new bloggers. And every possible effort is made to get Google Adsense Approval.

Some people also get the Approval of Google Adsense and some have to face a lot of trouble so that they demotivate and quit blogging.

Google Adsense is one way in which blogger, Google Adsense Account Approve can easily earn money. But taking his Approval is not so easy. One reason for this is that the bloggers do not know much about the Google Adsense Policy and they run without any information after the approval.

 Today I am going to tell you about Google Adsense Account Approve Best Trick 2021. Which will help you a little bit.

Google Adsense Account Approve Best Trick 2021

To tell you all (As per Google Adsense Guideline) to take Google Adsense Approval in a country like India, Pakistan, your website or blog which is at least 6 months old must be old. But I have got my blog website approved in just 2 months.

And I will share some tips with you about how to get this approved. So that you also get some help.

Google Adsense Approval Best Trick 2020 (Tips List)

  1. Use Custome domain only.
  2. Create important pages like a privacy policy.
  3. Choose your topic correctly.
  4. Write the original content on your own.
  5. Write how many posts on your blog?
  6. Which language to use?
  7. Use copyright-free images only.
  8. Make your website responsive.
  9. If there is another ad network, disable it.
  10. Blog traffic information.

Google AdSense Account Approval Best Trick 2021 (Complete Information)

Tip 1:- Use the Custom domain only.

To get Google Adsense’s Approval on your blog, first, you buy a good custom domain. And connect it to your website. If you are creating a blog on WordPress, then you will have to take a custom domain. And if you are building on Blogger, then you have to connect by purchasing a custom domain from a different platform.

If you are on Blogger then you are already given a Subdomain for but most of the Subdomain does not approve Google Adsense, so if you want on Blogger and you get approved quickly then you first get a good Purchase and use a custom domain.

Remember to choose your domain properly, do not use the free domain from anywhere, such as XYZ,ga, such a free domain will get approval sometimes.

You can buy custom domains from websites like Godaddy BigRock Where you will get a domain at a Good and Best Rate.

Tip 2:- Create important pages like a privacy policy.

In my blogging field, I have seen such a blogger whose website does not have the necessary pages like Privacy Policy and they go for approval. If you do not even know, let me tell you. According to Google’s new rules About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy pages is mandatory. Without these pages, Google will never give you Approval.

You can write these pages by yourself and if you are having trouble in writing, then you can also generate these pages online. There are many such websites available on Google.

Tip 3:- Choose your topic correctly.

Most of the new blogger Topics do not give due consideration in safe time. But do you know what? Choosing the right topic is very important for Google Approval.

If you write your blog like Health, Technology, Job Search, or Education, then it is possible that you get Google’s Approval soon and you can start earning money.

What kind of blog topic does not get Google Approve soon?

  • Apps & Games Downloading Sites
  • Movies & Songs Downloading sites
  • Mobile Specs & Features blog
  • Festival & Sayri Blog
  • Sports Score Websites

These are some of the topics in which Approval is very much available to the people and most of them do not get it, so ignore such topics. And choose such topics in which you can write more content.

Tip 4:- Write Original Content by yourself.

The blogger must have made this mistake at some point or the other. Uploading some other content by writing it as Spin or same to same. And because of this, Google Approval was not only found, but my website’s rank had also gone down.

If you want Google adsense Approval soon, then you have to make your content the most unique. If your content is copyrighted you may suffer a lot of damage.

Make your content original and unique and put the heading, subheading category along with it and write it in SEO Friendly Post Due to which ranking in Google will also be good and at the same time you will get approved soon.

Tip 5:- How many posts wrote in your blog?

How many posts should be on our blog for Google Adsense approval? This question must have come into every blogger’s mind.

As such, it has no special limit. But depending on the quality & length of your blog. And if you write 20+ posts, then that can also be considered good.

If you have a news blog, then you do not need to write that long article, you can also write an article of 300 to 500 words, but for Google Adsense Approval you will have to write 35 to 40 articles.

The longer article you write, the greater your chance of getting approval from Google Adsense, so try to write good quality and long article.

Tip 6:- Use which language.

Like Google Adsense approval is received in the entire language Bhasa. If you live in India and you want to take Approval, then you can use languages like English, Bengali, Urdu, and Tamil. But if you use language like Telugu, Kanada, Gujrati, etc., then you will not get approval.

If you have a news blog, then you do not need to write that long article, you can also write an article of 300 to 500 words, but for Google Adsense Approval you will have to write 35 to 40 articles.

The longer article you write, the greater your chance of getting approval from Google Adsense, so try to write good quality and long article.

Tip 7:- Use copyright-free images only.

If you are a blogger then you will know how important it is to use images on our adults. But you have to keep it Dian is using that image she Copyrights Free Image happening.

If you use any other image on any blog and that copyright image, then you will never give Google Adsense Approval So take care of your images.

And if you want to make images by yourself, then you can create by going to And if you need a free image, you can also use images like or

Tip 8:- Make your website responsive.

For Google Adsense Approval it is very important for your blog to be simple and attractive. So that Google can understand and your visitors too. And for this, it is very important to have a right and good Responsive & Mobile Friendly Theme for your blog.

And not only that, after using that theme, it is also necessary to customize it properly. After installing the theme from Bohot, people give thieves like that and do not make changes in it which greatly affects the design.

What should be in your Theme

  • The theme is as simple as it is good.
  • Keep the Theme Background White only.
  • Must create Favicon and Logo for Blog.
  • Improve Navigation.
  • Remove from Widgets that do not work.
  • Set your Blog Menu correctly.
  • No link should come in (Error 404).
  • Blog speed should be 85% minimum.

If all these points are clear on your blog, then you can go to your Google Adsense Approval.

Tip 9:- Disable any other ad network from it.

If you use an ad network before Google Adsense, then remove those ad units before taking approval. As such, Google supports any Ad Network and in spite of this, Approval is found. But no one likes Ad Network.

It is better that you remove all ad networks and go for approval. You have an advantage in that.

Tip 10:- Blog Traffic information.

As such, there is no such guideline for Google AdSense Account Approval that tells about traffic. When I took Google Adsense, there was 80+ Traffic on my blog. But even if 40+ are also there, I still feel that you will get approval.

But if you are taking any Paid Traffic And that traffic is from any illegal source, then you may be very much a threat to the blog and you may also have Approval Reject Whether you are, you Traffic Organic or come from a platform like Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


If you have used all these methods (Google Adsense Account Approval Best Trick 2021) then you can go to Google Adsense Approval without worry. 100% will be your Adsense Approve.

So these were some of my personal tips about Google Adsense Account Approval for you Guys. Hope this helps you. If there is any question, you can go to the comment and ask.

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