How to Extend Visitor Visa in Canada Process

How to Extend Visitor Visa in Canada Process. Canada is a country that offers a lot of facilities for its visitors, and at the same time, it has so many famous and beautiful places in the world. That is why every year, a lot of visitors come to Canada. After coming here, for some reason, they want to extend their stay in Canada. If you’re going to stay more than the aforementioned times, you have to take permission from the Canadian government.

More clearly, you have to extend your visa to stay more time in Canada. You must be one of them who wants to stay more in Canada and needs to extend your visitor visa. That is the reason you are here. No worries, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the prolongation process of a visitor visa in Canada. Hopefully, it will be very informative for you.

How to Extend Visitor Visa in Canada Process

The Canadian government is very conservative and careful about the security issues of Canada. That is why if you want to travel to Canada, you have to complete a very complicated process. Here we are giving you the step by step process of prolongation visa visitor Canada. The steps are as follows:

You will get two ways to follow for applying for extending the visitor visa in Canada. You can apply it online instantly without any delay. At the same time, you can apply it by paper application. Wherever you apply must go through this process.

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Gather all required documents

If you want to apply for extending your trip to Canada, you have to gather a lot of documents for providing the visa authorities. List of the documents is as follows:

  • Firstly, you need a document checklist for not forgetting any of the documents you need in this visa extension process.
  • Then you have to make an application to change the conditions of the temporary residence permit. In a temporary residence permit, it is written that on which date you will leave Canada. That is why you need to give them an application to change the date of your leaving Canada.
  • Then you have to give them full details about why you want to stay longer here. It is essential because, without any reasonable reason for staying longer, you will not be allowed to stay in Canada.
  • Then you have to prove them your identity by providing your passport or identity card, driving license, etc.
  • Then you have to give them your digital picture for recognizing yourself easily.
  • At last, you have to give them proof of your funds. If you don’t have the financial ability to stay in Canada, you will not be able to stay here. That is why you have to provide them with some documents that certify you can stay longer in Canada.

Mainly these are the documents you need to gather for applying for the extension of your Canada visa. So, this is the first step in the process of prolongation visa visitor Canada.

Fill the application form

You have to fill up the application very carefully, and then you have to submit it. With the application form, you have to attach the required documents which are mentioned before.

You have to attach the payment slip also with the application form for verifying the payment. You can pay for a visa extension by any Canadian bank. You can also use your cards for paying it.

After submission of the application with all the required documents and paying all the fees of the process, you will receive your visitor’s extension very soon.

This is the process of your visa extension in Canada.

Reasons for visiting Canada

There has a lot of reasons for travelling to Canada. Canada is the second-largest country by area in the world. This country is really amazing, and sometimes it is called heaven on earth. The world’s topmost beautiful places are situated in Canada.

Niagara falls, polar bears, Canadian Rockies, Canadian national park, etc. and many other places you will get there to visit.  At the same time, you will get a lot of facilities when you are travelling as a tourist.

Canada is recognized as a top international destination by the New York Times and the National Geographic Traveller. We think these reasons are enough for visiting Canada. So, we can easily say that you can fix your next trip to Canada.

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Canada is one of the topmost visited places in the world. A lot of cases we find regarding Canadian visa issues like the extension of visa. In this article, you have discussed the about prolongation visa visitor Canada.

We have identified the easiest way of the expansion of the Canadian visa. We hope that it will be very beneficial to you in your case.

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