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Top 5 Easy Steps How to Make Money Blogging 2020

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How does to make money blogging? How are bloggers paid? These are burning questions on everyone who wants to be bloggers and on the minds of today’s bloggers.

Beginning bloggers want to know it is possible to make money blogging.

Bloggers who have been doing it for a while want to know how to monetize their blogs best.

Your mom (or even your spouse) wants to know how bloggers make money.

The answer is quite simple.

How do bloggers make money?

In the same way as everyone else: offering something of value for money.

This means that before you can start making money from your blog, it has to be a valuable place on the web. The type of value your blog has to offer will differ in how you want to monetize your blog.

Bloggers make money in five key ways: Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Supported Content Post, Goods and Services.

In this article, I’m going to break down each of these so that anyone can understand how bloggers make money.

Make sure to save it to Pinterest. This will be one of these items that you will continuously return to.

Each section will begin by explaining how blogs are monetized with that plan and then answer the following questions:

  • who pays the blogger?
  • When can beginning bloggers start making money using this method?
  • Tips to prepare your blog to earn money through that route.

This post is robust. I wanted to give you the most detailed description of how you can make money from blogging. Feel free to go to the sections that interest you the most.

  1. Advertisements
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Sponsored posts
  4. products
  5. Services

Here is a brief overview in a story format:

# 1 bloggers make money from ads

Let’s start here because ads are probably the best-known way bloggers make money.

How does it work? A blogger signs up with an ad network to place ads on his site. Most ad networks use targeted ads. The ad changes based on who is viewing the blog, the blog content, or the content that the viewer recently visited.

Popular ad networks bloggers belong to

The two main ways bloggers are paid through ad networks are by impression or by click.

Paid per impression: With these ads, the viewer doesn’t have to click on the ad for the blogger to receive an income. They are paid per impression, which is the number of times the ad is viewed.

Paid per click – Every time someone clicks on the ad, the blogger receives a small amount of money for that click.

Here’s an overview of how making money from ads works. Sovrn shares the following,

Advertisers pay website owners based on the number of people who have seen their ads. Every time a reader sees an ad, it is called “an impression.” Because there are billions of ad impressions every day, advertisers pay based on 1000 impression intervals or CPM (cost per thousand impressions). ”

When you are ready to place ads on your site, your ad network will guide you on where to place the ads. Here are some common areas where you will see blog ads:

  • Sidebar, often sticky
  • Header
  • About images (personal side note: if you find them annoying, but many bloggers are making big money from them)
  • In publication after x number of paragraphs
  • Fixed footer on mobile

Who pays the blogger?

In most cases, the ad network that a blogger is associated with pays him a monthly income. On occasion, brands will contact a blogger directly to place an ad on the blog. In that case, the brand would negotiate a fee and pay the blogger directly.

When can you start monetizing with ads?

Beginning bloggers often try to make their first money from ads and quickly get frustrated when they make pennies a month.

The reason novice bloggers can’t make money from ads is that they don’t get enough traffic. So while you can place ads on your site at any time, you will really not make a lot of money unless you get around 25,000 page views per month.

It’s best to wait until you hit the 25,000 pageview mark and then add ads to your site.

I tried going through the Google Adsense application process for my mock blog. I set up this blog for my beginner bloggers course. It had four posts and a fully designed home page. Google did not approve my application for AdSense and claimed that the site was not developed enough. So even with the big G, you must have an established site before you can place your ads on your blog.

Tips to make money with ads:

As mentioned above, if you want to make money from ads, you need traffic. Much traffic. How do you get more traffic to your site? The first step is to have quality content that people really want to read. The next step is to market that content. Pinterest is my favorite way to drive traffic to my blog.

If you want to make money from ads, focus your efforts on epic content and marketing. When it comes to making money through ads, this will be your main focus before reaching the magical 25,000 page views and after.

# 2 Bloggers make money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is where a blogger establishes a connection with a business and then promotes the products or services of that business. Each blogger receives a unique URL for the company website. When a viewer clicks on that unique link and then purchases from the business, the blogger receives a commission.

Commissions are given to the blogger in a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount per sale or lead.

There are a few ways that business affiliates can become bloggers. You can become an affiliate directly through the affiliate program of the organization or through entering affiliate marketing networks and looking to join affiliate programs.

Find an affiliate program for a specific company.

If you have a company or product in mind that you would like to be an affiliate for, go on a search to find your affiliate program.

First, head over to the company’s website and scroll to the bottom of their website. Many companies include a link to their affiliate program in the footer of the site. Sometimes the affiliate program is not so easy to find. Then try doing a site search on Google. Site: “affiliate program” from

For affiliate programs, various businesses can use different terminology. Some are referred to as affiliate services, incentive programs, programs for a referral. To see if you can find the affiliate tab, try a few different variations. If you can’t locate an affiliate network, try personally contacting the business and asking. Find an email address, contact box, or try using social media to communicate.

Join an affiliate network

By signing up with an affiliate marketing network, you can also find affiliate services. Here are some of the most popular: (you guessed it, some of these are affiliate links)

Become an affiliate of other bloggers or influencers.

Are there bloggers within your niche or a complimentary niche who have created and are selling their own product, course, or ebook? You can reach out and see if they have an affiliate program set up.

Although they might be the “competition,” becoming affiliates for them could be a win-win relationship.

You can sell your product and talk about it on your blog. This will help you earn income and generate more sales. Often when you write your review + affiliate post, the blogger will share your post with their audience (because they are promoting them). This will also help you increase your audience.

So you are not only making money but increasing your reach!

Who pays the blogger?

Most of the time, an affiliate is paid through an affiliate network. Even when I found affiliate programs directly through a company’s website, they used a network to manage my link tracking and pay me. Payments are generally made monthly when the minimum amount of sales is made.

Other times, commissions are paid directly from the company whose products you market.

Keep in mind that the commission percentage is usually higher for digital products than for physical products.

When can you start monetizing with affiliate marketing?

One of the best ways to start making money from your blog is affiliate marketing. At any point in your blogging journey, you can begin monetizing with affiliate links. Obviously, the more eyes you place on the affiliate marketing tips and deals you make, the more money you’ll make.

Keep in mind that some affiliate programs, like Amazon, have minimum sales quotas or page views. Look at the details before applying for the affiliate program.

Many new bloggers think they are able to start a blog instantly and use Amazon Affiliates. However, you must make at least three sales of your links in 180 days to remain on their program when you sign up to be an Amazon affiliate. “You can reapply when you’ve established your site.”

Still, affiliate marketing is great for beginner bloggers for a few reasons:

  • It doesn’t require as many page views as ad revenue to be successful.
  • You can sell a product that already has a proven sales history, making selling easier.
  • You can practice selling someone else’s product before creating your own.

I totally agree with Pat Flynn when he says:

“Perhaps the best part [of affiliate marketing] is that you don’t have to create your own product, because someone else has already done the hard work. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing – that you don’t have to invest time and effort to create something to sell. AdThrive as soon as you have a platform to sell products. “

Tips to make money from affiliate marketing:

If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to create and establish your platform (platform = your blog + email list).

This means posting quality content that resonates with your audience. Oh, and marketing that content is a big deal too. Establishing your platform also means building trust and authority with the people who visit your blog.

You can’t just drop affiliate links and hope to make money. You have to be strategic with your affiliate monetization plan (PS spell checker keeps telling me that monetization is not a word. Sorry, but I’m using it anyway

Affiliate marketing is most successful when you market a product that you like and use yourself. Read more about my tips for making money through affiliate marketing.

# 3 Bloggers make money from sponsored posts

Sponsored content is where a business pays a blogger to create content about their brand or a specific product. Sponsored content generally looks like any other content the blogger produces with the same tone and feel (revealing that it is sponsored, of course).

Companies like to work with bloggers and content creators as a way to advertise their products in an editorial format. The company values ​​the influence, voice, and authority of bloggers. That is why the company wants to use its platform (blog and its extensions) for advertising.

Sometimes the content you create for sponsored posts will be the entire blog publishing process (content, images, numbers set to share on social media), and other times companies will pay you for just one aspect of creating your content. Bloggers receive sponsorship for any of the following:

  • Articles
  • Photography
  • Styling and staging
  • Videos
  • Live Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Emails

Each campaign will be different for bloggers based on the needs of the sponsor and the platforms on which it stands out. Businesses want to use their voice to speak about their product/service to their unique audience.

How do bloggers get sponsored opportunities?

Great bloggers don’t have to do much. Sponsors come to them because they see value in their content and audience.

Beginning bloggers and even lesser-known bloggers need to do a bit of work to get sponsored.

If there is a brand that you know you want to work with, you can directly cast them with an idea of fees.

The most popular way for bloggers (especially beginners) to find sponsored opportunities is through sponsored networks. In the marketing world, these are known as influencer networks.

These networks enable brands and influencers (bloggers and creators of content) to be linked. When you apply and join the network, you will have access to display the sponsor jobs available and apply inside the network for them yourself.

I reached out to my local blogging group to get today’s hottest influencer networks to join.

Find sponsored content opportunities through a network of influencers.

  1. Smart
  2. Massive Sway
  3. Soapbox Influence
  4. IZEA
  5. Pollinate
  6. Activate
  7. Weave Made

Who pays the blogger?

How a blogger is paid for a sponsored post depends on how the connection between the brand and the blogger begins. If the blogger and the brand communicate directly with each other, the business pays the blogger directly.

If the blogger finds a sponsorship opportunity through a network of sponsors, then the Ads network pays the blogger.

When a blogger works directly with a brand, either to get the brand closer to them or to promote the brand, the commission rate for sponsored content is negotiable. My friend Tracie has a great post on sponsored content that explains how to charge for your content.

When a blogger works through a network of influencers to land a sponsored content gig, the pay rate is usually set over time.

When can you start monetizing with sponsored posts?

Before you can begin working with brands, your blog needs to be built with a good amount of content.

Many brands and networks will want to see that you have been blogging for at least six months and that you have a significant number of followers.

Audience size isn’t as crucial as it is with ads, but businesses will want to make sure people visit your site and are interested in your content before paying you to create content for them.

Tips to make money with sponsored content:

If you want to make money from sponsored content, my suggestions are:

  • hone your unique writing style and ideas
  • improve your photography skills
  • focus on a particular audience + make them fall in love with you
  • Decide in advance what kind of companies match your blog’s brand and values.
  • Like many of the tips above, keep working to grow your audience.

Remember to give your readers extreme value when you have the opportunity for supporting material! This is what will allow you to continue to get opportunities that are funded and keep the people happy.

I really love this quote from the health expert on creating sponsored content,

“We work with my readers and I pay with my products.” That means that any endorsed work you do needs to be important to you. For all the products I work with, We take this into consideration. It is useful to my readers? Is this a product that I think you’d really use? Is it a product that you’d actually use? If it’s the right one, it’s good for everybody. If it’s not the right one, you’re definitely going to let me know.

# 4 Bloggers make money creating and selling products

Many people think that bloggers earn their income primarily through advertisements. That’s true for many, but some of the most successful bloggers these days sell their own products.

Bloggers sell digital goods, educational goods, memberships or passes, books, physical products of their own, or buy a product in bulk and sell it on their own blog at retail.

Let’s break those down and talk about the different product bloggers create and sell.

Digital products

For bloggers, digital products are very common products to build and sell on their blogs. Printable planners, invites, group printables, menu plans, guides and so on are some examples.

Digital products have high earning potential because they typically have little or no cost to create.

You can use a WordPress plugin like Simple Digital Downloads or a tool like Gumroad or even Paypal to sell and distribute the digital products you create after making a digital product.

Here are some real-life examples of bloggers making money from the digital products they sell:

  • Typically simple sales of these printable blind letters for early learning.
  • After posting a lot of content on yard sales, Rachel created and sold this Yard Sale Manual.


We live in the age of knowledge. Maybe too much, but that’s a topic for another day.

As a blogger, you probably have extensive knowledge on a particular topic and can share it with others. By creating their own ebooks, guides, online courses, and seminars, today’s bloggers are educating their audience.

By packaging their knowledge and selling it to their audience so that they too can understand, a large number of bloggers are trying to make money online.


First, this is usually content that bloggers are already creating on their blog. Many people have posts that are educational in nature, so an educational product comes naturally.

Second, creating and selling a course has higher earning potential than some of the other methods of generating income. You are in control of the price and earn the full commission.

Finally, to start making money, the size of the audience is not as important as it is with advertisements and supported articles. Obviously, the more followers you have, the more opportunity you receive. But if you’ve got 100 followers and 10 of them buy your $30 course, that’s $300 more than you’d have. On the other hand, someone with 100 followers could earn fifty cents from ads in a month.

People seek to learn and grow by giving them away to learn that you have something of value for which they are willing to pay.

Memberships and subscriptions

Memberships or subscriptions are where people who sign up (pay) for their membership program build exclusive content for bloggers. Only paying customers to have access to the content.


Physical products

Many people use their blogs to show and discuss the products they create. The creative entrepreneurs of the world constitute a large space in the world of blogging. For a long time, some have been building their brand and starting their blogging as a way to promote their product. After seeing a need or getting an idea that they knew their audience would enjoy, other bloggers produce their own product.

I have followed for several years and have loved seeing the products that you have created for your blog audience. While blogging about his own bullet journals, he was able to create products to help his readers create their own.

Alongside your blog, there are many ways to sell a physical product. Many bloggers connect their website to an Etsy store and sell their brand there. Through using the WooCommerce plugin, you can sell physical goods on your WordPress site. To build their blog and storefront instead of WordPress, some bloggers use Shopify.



This one is self-explanatory. For many bloggers, publishing a book makes sense because they are already prolific writers and have a fair amount of content. Some bloggers are self-published, and others hire through a publisher.


Fun little side story about Sally’s books. We own the three of us, and my children and I enjoy baking together. My six-year-old son says Sally’s cookies are the best in the world. He knows that she is a blogger and is fascinated with the whole thing. We looked at her books at Costco, and she said, “Did Sally make it to Costco? It must be really big now! ”

Wholesale Products

In fact, it amazes me that the blogging world doesn’t talk more about this topic. But it’s a perfect way to make online money and not have to create a product of your own.

There are two main ways bloggers make money selling a product they bought from a wholesaler:

  1. They buy the product and take care of all the shipping and sometimes the packaging of that product.
  2. They deal with a wholesaler who sells goods. This means that on their website, bloggers sell the product, but the wholesale company bundles and sends the product to the consumer.

Example number one: North Star Balloons is a company that sells balloons to corporations only, not to stores. A party or wedding blogger, for example, could become a retailer and create a balloon shop on their blog (StudioDIY has one!). Your blog posts will include these balloons and funnel readers to your own balloon store.

When it comes to making and selling a product on your blog, there are countless choices!

Who pays the blogger?

The client! There is no network of intermediaries that is part of the commission. Not only getting a commission from the sale. The blogger receives payment directly from the buyer, like the maker and seller of the product. For the blogger, there are also expenses involved. For the medium or application, they are using to sell their product, there is a credit card processing charge and fees.

If you are selling a physical product,, there are the costs associated with creating the product, and there are also shipping fees involved.

When can you start monetizing your own product?

Technically, when you begin your blog, you might launch your product. Still, I’d warn you against it. Everywhere, data reports show that only 2-3 percent of your email list will purchase your product. For that reason, getting between 500 and 1000 quality subscribers on your email list is a good objective before launching your own product.

Tips to make money by selling your own product:

First, know your audience. What are your weak points, needs, and wants. How can you help them? First, establish your authority and credibility.

If you want to market your own goods, growing a dedicated email list should be your top priority. This is the perfect place to get your product launched and sold.

With your first product, don’t feel like you’ve got to go high. Begin with a tiny digital product. Meera has a fantastic post that you can make for your blog on various types of digital items.

# 5 Bloggers make money from services, training, and consulting

Individuals need assistance. They might want to better understand something, or they might want someone to keep them accountable. Some individuals just want to pay someone else to do something for them, so they don’t have to. To provide assistance and assistance to their audience, many bloggers provide services specific to their niche.

Your blog serves as a forum for this method of making money to show your experience on a subject and draw new clients for the services you provide. Alongside your blog, offering services is also a great way to develop as an expert on your subject.

When my blog was new, from Blogger to WordPress, it provided blog migrations. My customers enjoyed working with me and the experience they had going from WordPress to Blogger. I not only relocated their site, but WordPress training was included in the package to set them up for success. They knew I understood WordPress and how, as a writer, it would work for them. My customers knew they would continue to be supported by my blog material.

Due to this experience, my clients recommended me and shared my blog with their blogging friends.

Although I do not offer this service at this time, I credit it for speeding up my site’s growth.

Services help you develop people-related relationships, and people help you grow. Hurrah!

Offering advice or consulting packages can also help you better understand the needs of your target audience. A lot of blogging topics come to mind when working directly with my target audience.

Examples: packages for coaching or consulting on any subject: health, relationships, organization, management of social media, services for graphic design, personal shopping services, etc.

I didn’t realize that I was so excited about making money from your blog through services until I sat down to write this section. While it may not be your long-term monetization plan, it’s a great way to start earning some money, build your authority, and build lasting relationships.

Or it could be the right long-term business plan for you!

Who pays the blogger?

Again, the customer or the customer. As a blogger offering a service, you will set the fees and organize the payments. You can use Paypal to send invoices to your clients.

When do you start with facilities, consulting, or coaching to monetize?

Anytime! Find your first customers and start when you feel comfortable and ready. It is always a good idea to have some content under your belt and a strong social presence to stay connected with people.

Tips to earn money with services:

Think about the pain points, needs, and wants of your target audience. How can you help them? Is there anything I can do for them or a way to work together? Then reach out to a few people or a small group and offer your service. When you start, set low prices, but don’t sell short either (I’ve been guilty of that before, and it never ends well).

Group coaching is a great place to start! Put together a month-long group training package for your niche. Make it very valuable for participants to love you and recommend you and your blog. You can supplement the training with your blog posts. This will get them to know you and your content.

Pay close attention to your questions and struggles for future content and product ideas!

When you’re just starting out, it’s easier to reach specific people than trying to market your email list or social channels.

Regina has a great post on how to monetize your blog with coaching.

Go and earn money!

Take some time today to sit down and write a monetization plan. Monetary plan. Plan to make money blogging. (The spell checker likes those better.)

In exchange for money, what value do you have to offer? How do you want to make money blogging? In order to get to that point, what do you need to do?

For those of you already making money, please leave a comment and let us know what your # 1 type of blog income is; we would all love to hear your story!

A final note for beginner bloggers looking to make money:

Earning money is the easy part. It may not seem like it because from the outside, that’s your ultimate goal, and sometimes it seems a long way off. But, it really is the easy part.

The hard part? Develop content, promote it so that a new audience can be drawn, and then keep those people for future posts. The monetization aspect becomes simpler when you have an audience who enjoys your content and a good strategy on how you want to make money.

Don’t be discouraged, my friend. YOU can make money blogging!

Set some goals and work towards them! You got it.

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