How To Make Money on Freelance: Definitive Guide 2021

Are you thinking about how to make money on freelance? So I can guide you on complete strategies, processes, and of course how to make money online. However, taking a comprehensive guide from a person who is already working and knows all the ups and downs to make money at Freelancer is a good idea.

So don’t think too much about how freelancers will work online. Or is it safe to work as a freelancer? And why am I giving you instructions on freelancers? If you want to understand all these ideas and many more. Then you can go now.

Make Money on Freelance

Before understanding how to make money with a freelancer. It is better to understand why it is better to have a freelance mindset. From easy freelance, quite interested, complicated, and at the same time difficult to work and carry out any project. Therefore, before jumping directly to the Freelancing website. You have to decide to work as a freelancer that’s why it works.

Freelancing is not for lazy people. Therefore, you must be mentally and physically prepared and decide to work as a freelancer. Otherwise, you will face consequences that you had not thought of.

Make Money On Freelance

Just watch this video to get a simple basic idea of how a beginner freelancer works.

What Are The Challenges Of The Freelancer?

There are many challenges for the freelancer. Because freelancing is not as easy as it sounds. There are many obstacles. That you have to cut time to time to optimize your activities and profits. For example, a freelancer is the boss of himself. Sounds good right? But wait. Have you ever thought about the boss? Also, a boss who is yourself. That is the moment when you are proud of yourself. But you are making a big mistake where you don’t see their perspective.

Now let me clarify one thing for you. Freelancers have a lot of time. They especially work from home. Therefore, you have to monitor all the activities of the base of operations and find out the time for the self-employed, which is quite difficult. Especially nowadays. Where you have all the gadgets for your destruction. Therefore, you have all the time for your family members. Who will get you out of your job?

On the contrary, when you work as an employer. So you have a fixed time to work on a special job. Therefore, you must complete your specific task. otherwise, you have no other option to run away. Similarly, a person who is an employer always completes work on time every day.

Think You Are A Freelancer

Do not be disappointed. Everything will be easy with smart and hard work. One day you will see yourself as a shining star where everyone will follow you and make you a role model. That is what we all work for. And with deep desire, determination and motivation, we succeeded after the great obstacle. Therefore, you have to believe in yourself. That you will be a hero one day. Change your daily life and focus on your success. Also, set a clear and clear goal and start working on your goal until you don’t get a 100 percent result.

Freelancer For Beginners

Being self-employed is one of the best platforms to earn and Make Money. However, you must first know the structure of Then we will go one by one to optimize your profit and get more projects.

The Basic Structure Of The Self-Employed is a great platform. Therefore, it covers the entire spectrum of the self-employed. That is also a basic need of any freelance website to deliver the best customer value. Therefore, once you will join freelance. Then you will not be able to move to any other platform to obtain additional services. Because you will find it all on one website. has mainly two categories for freelancers. First, there is a project. Where the client publishes all the details about the project and the freelancers will bid on the project according to their abilities. Therefore, a client will check and select the freelancers. After some basic communication through the chat client, reward a freelancer if you both agree to the project.

Also, for a freelancer, there are many options available when bidding on any project. For example, you should write about the price, duration, and description of the project.

 Make Money On Freelancer With Project

There is no clear role in the achievement of the project. However, I have completed hundreds of projects on And also with five initial reviews, which is a challenging part of freelancers. Don’t worry, I’ll give you an example of how to get five initial freelance reviews.

According to my experience. I found a different role to get the project. Let’s go through all of that one by one.

1. Deadline For Your Project

There are many projects, I have been awarded due to the time hack. For example, someone needs the project to be completed urgently. Therefore, you have to write in  This project will be delivered in section  Zero. This means that you will complete the project today without wasting time. That’s where your chances of winning a prize will increase.

Also, you should write in your project description about the duration. For example, you have to write “I will start right now and complete your project as soon as possible.”

2. The Best Price For A Project

Some clients are very price-conscious about the project. Therefore, they are very clear about the price. It will also give you information about the price in the description of the project. This means that you do not have to bid if you are not comfortable with the price. This is where you should price the project according to the customer’s requirements. Then your chances of winning and awarding the project will increase.

3. The Project Requirement

Similarly, before bidding on any project. You have to read all the details for the client. It is very important to know what the customer is looking for. Therefore, you must write all the required keywords from the description in your offer details. Because when a client sees the detail of your offer, he should find out at least that he has read the project.

4. Make Offers As Quickly As Possible

The competition is very high at So you will see each time a project appears. In a few minutes, there will already be between 30 and 50 bidders on the project. Therefore, it is difficult for the customer to see every offer. It means you have to bid as fast as possible. at least the customer can see your offer.

B. Make Money With A Freelancer With Contest

Similarly, the contest is one of the best parts of I like the contest more. Because my career starts after winning my first contest and getting positive 5-star reviews.

What is the contest in a freelance? You have to understand the contest thoroughly. Because with the help of a contest you can earn much more money than you think. Plus, it’s easy to work on the contest and Make Money.

At, many contests are opened every day. Where a freelancer participates. Also, the client will choose the best freelancer according to the design and will award the project and the money. Therefore, you will like the contest because everything is clear and the customer will also provide feedback until they receive the required design.

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What Is Important To Win The Contest?

Many factors are responsible for the victory of the contest. I explain each one in the following way.

1. Understand The Contest To Make Money On Freelances

Whenever you are going to participate in a contest. First, you must read and understand the contest completely. Therefore, you should read the summary carefully. Also, you should write down the important point where you are going to work on that.

2. Research

You now have a data collection for the contest you are going to work on. Therefore, you have to investigate more and more and discover the ideas. But remember not to copy the idea. However, you have to get the idea out of the box from your imagination. Where you will stand out among all the contestants and you will win the contest.

3- Representation

Since I was working as a freelancer as a graphic designer. So I was trying to represent my design in such a way that it would turn out amazingly. Most of the time, my representation alone won me many contests. For example, I used  3D logo mockups for my design to make it more realistic and beautiful.

4- Explanation

Sometimes it is very difficult for a customer to understand your design or concept. Therefore, whenever you are going to upload your design to a contest, you should test the full details and explanations for your design. Your design description will increase to win the contest dramatically. Therefore, do not ignore it.

5- Guaranteed Contest

Remember to check the contest if it is guaranteed or not. Because, if the contest is guaranteed, the contest holder will choose a 100 percent winner. If the contest is not guaranteed, the contest holder will not be able to choose a winner. Therefore, you must use your intelligence and understand the system completely.

Freelance Scams And How To Spot Them

Online businesses and jobs are not trustworthy. Most people think. Maybe they are right. Or maybe they are wrong. However, freelance work is one of the biggest platforms. Therefore, you will find many scammers. Therefore, you must detect them.

There are many types of freelance scams that I will discuss below.

1. Scam to Make Money on Freelances

For the most part, scammers target new freelancers. Because they don’t know much about the self-employed and how the self-employed works. So it’s easy to target new freelancers. If you are new, you must understand self-employment and all its rules and regulations. Then you will save yourself from scammers.

2- The Client Asks For Money

Similarly, new freelancers are asked to deposit money into a customer’s bank account. Which is completely against the freelance role. The scammer makes a very strong statement that it is a security fee. However, in freelancer, there is no concept of a security fee. If a customer asks for free security. Then you must understand that it is fake and a scammer.

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3- Award Of False Projects

Sometimes when a new freelancer bids on any project. then don’t remember to create a milestone. Also, the scammer will award the project to the self-employed. However, when a freelancer will accept the project. Then the self-employed will find that the balance will be negative. Also, the client will not reply to any message or can block it. Therefore, whenever you are going to bid on any project after the award, you have to ask for a milestone. Until the client creates a milestone, they should not accept the project.


Freelancing is an amazing way to work online and Make Money as a freelancer. With great intelligence and hard work, you can earn a lot of money. However, you must be determined and work steadily to achieve your goal. Also, learn how to identify the right client to work with. Then no one will stop you from succeeding.

However, if you have any questions and want to do something, feel free to ask in the comment box below. Thanks.

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