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How to Make Money on Only Fans: Complete Guide

Only Fans is a social media website where creators charge a monthly fee for “fans” to follow their accounts. After setting up your subscription fee, users will be able to access your feed, where they can view your unique content. The creators keep 80% of the money generated through their accounts, while the remaining 20% ​​goes only to fans.

Due to its limited content policy, not only is the fan viral in the adult industry, but it also hosts successful content creators from other series such as physical fitness and modeling.


Fans Only is a premium social media site, with each of the creator profiles having the following tabs:

Posts  – All your content can be viewed here, photos, videos, audio, stories, live videos, updates and more.

Photo  – Your photo is displayed here

Video  – Your video content is displayed here

Audio  – Your voice recording is here

Likes  – The total number of preferences displayed here, fans can also see your content “likes.”

Fans – The number of your fans is displayed here. The fans themselves are not visible.

Creating a fan account is a name for your account, what kind of post you want to post, how many times you should post and think about your monthly subscription price.

You can only create a fan account for a variety of topics:

  • Fitness coaching
  • Cosplaying
  • Fashion
  • Travel blogging
  • DIY Tutorial
  • Beauty is beautiful
  • Game
  • Adult content
  • Recipes and cooking tips
  • Funny videos
  • Impact on blogging
  • Modelling

Only fan reviews

Before you see how to set up your fan account only and create an online income, first look at the features available to creators.

As you can see, many features are available for creators with a built-in and straightforward interface. We will go through these options in detail below:

  • Post your feed
  • Post a status update message
  • Attach the media
  • Post a photo, multiple photos and videos at your feed
  • Record your voice
  • Record your voice and upload it as an audio track
  • Add a poll

Choose a period for your poll, add your question, add your answers and post it in your feed. Your fans can vote by clicking on one of the available answers.

  • Choose a deadline for your post.
  • Choose how long your post wants to appear in your feed before it disappears automatically.
  • Search for posts
  • Choose a time and date to publish a post you created automatically
  • Add a value to your post

All you have to do is set the fan subscription value “free” to lock a post. You can then add a deal and close your position.

You can only pay for lock posts with media like photos, audio or video. Once at your feed, fans can “unlock” the position at the price you set.

To lock a post in the fan, click on the creative post button, add your media, click on the dollar tag icon, set your value and post it in your timeline.

Important Note: While creating a post, only some fan users will not see the “Post Price” button. This button is probably because you only have a membership fee in your fan account. Only “free” fan accounts can pay for lock posts.

Creating two good fan accounts, one free account and one premium (paid) account, is a good strategy. You post unique content on a free account but only share your best content through locked posts. You can also use your free page to promote your premium page directly.

Go live with your customers.

Set a date and time to live with your customers. Once your live stream is over, you can upload it as a regular video. This way, if some of your fans have lost your live stream, they can catch it later.

Note: You can survey your customers by voting on what they want to see in a live stream, voting on any popular question they have, and voting at the best time to live.

Add your story.

Like Instagram and Facebook, only fans have a “story” feature, where you can upload photos or videos that only appear for a certain amount of time. You can also save stories as highlights in your profile.

Accept the tips

Fans can send tips directly through your post, during the live stream and through your message. You can also sell custom content instead of recommendations from your fans.

Send message

Talk to fans and other fans only through the message. You can also use the message to send PayView (PPV) content to your fans.

Just set up your fan account.

Just go to the fan site and click on “Sign up only for fan” below, or you can sign up using your Twitter account.

Add your email address, create a password, and add the display name you want to use in the “Name” field. Once you have filled in your details, click on the small box to agree to the Fans Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The following is how the sign-up page on a mobile device looks.

I covered the email and password fields, but I made the “name” field visible.

Once you have just created your fan account, you will be sent to the “Profile Edit” page, where you can customize your profile.

Edit only your fan profile

Your first step is to set a username and display name for your user fan account:

Username = This name will appear in your URL and “@” For example, my username is “Blogger Post,” so my URL is only, and my “@” is “@bloggerpost.”

Display Name = This is the name that appears on your feed and your username in your profile. As it is not a username, you can add space and make it more attractive, so I put “homegrown income” in my case.

Just edit your fan profile, add your username, display your name and bio.

You will need to add a cover image and a profile photo later. The cover image is a large banner that appears on the back of your profile picture. Upload a cover image related to the content you post in your feed, but keep in mind that complete nudity is not allowed in your banner or image display.

Upload a profile picture for your account later. As you can see, the “Subscription Price ($ / per month)” section is greyed out and cannot be accessed. This option is because you only have to add a bank account to your fan account and make sure you are over 18 years old.

You can give your details by clicking on the blue “Add a Bank Account” button. I have highlighted it in the image above. We will go through this process in a moment to continue to edit your profile for now.

You have the “About” section under the “Subscription Price” section. You can add a bio here for your fans to see when they come to your profile.

When fans view your profile, your bio will be hidden by the “Show more information” label; clicking on that label will reveal additional information with your bio and website link.

After clicking “Show more information” and publishing your bio, the tab changes to “Show less” if fans want to hide your bio.

Only fan bio on the profile page

Use your bio section to let your fans know when they will subscribe. Tell fans what kind of content you post. For example, it could be workout videos, cosplay photos, clothing halls, modeling photosets, etc.

Try to be as descriptive as possible; it will increase your chances of getting a new customer by making it clear what the fans will get for their money.

You can also let fans know how many times you post, and if you post regularly, you can add phrases like “The Daily Nick Upload” or “New Content Weekly” in your bio. If you provide custom content (workout plans, recipes, photo or video requests, adult content, etc.), add it to your bio as well.

You have under the “About” section:

  • Location = You can add your site here
  • Website URL = If you have a website that you want to promote to your fans, add a URL here.
  • Amazon wishes list = If you have an Amazon wish list, insert the URL here.
  • Spotify Account = You can connect your Spotify account here by clicking on the “Connect” button.

Just finish the fan profile edit and save the changes.

Once you have just edited your fan account, click on the blue “Save Changes” button.

Add a bank account to earn money.

Add a bank account: Step 1 – Submit your details.

Note: Adding your bank account only to a fan account is done in 2 steps.

  1. Submit only personal details and IDs only for fan approval
  2. Once your account is approved, add your bank account and set your monthly subscription price.

You just have to submit your details for the review to start earning money as a fan creator, and once only the fan team has reviewed and approved your account, you will be able to add your bank account.

You can scroll through the backup to submit your details and click “Add a bank account” under the “Subscription Price” section.

You can also add your bank details by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner. It will open a side menu; click on “Add Bank (to earn)” on this menu.

Use only fan menus to add a bank account and earn money.

On the next page, click on the age check circle to ensure you have your place of residence, and you are at least 18 years old. Once done, click on “Next.”

Just add your place to the fans and make sure you are 18 years of age or older. Then you need to add your personal information to the page:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • Post / Jeep Code
  • Date of birth
  • You can also add your Twitter and Instagram account names, but these are optional.

You will need to upload a government-issued photo ID under your information Click on “Document Type” and select the ID you want to upload, and you can upload the following ID types:

  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Driving license
  • Next time you have to upload a photo of the ID yourself and a picture with the ID next to your face.

When uploading your ID photo, make sure the file size is not too large. I tried uploading a seven MB photo, and it was “too big,” but when I uploaded the three Mb version of the photo, I kept the size below five Mb or six Mb.

Next time you have to add an ID expiration date, or if your ID has no expiration date, then click on the circle next to “Exp exp expiration date.” If you upload explicit content, you will need to tick the process under “Clear Content”.

Once done, the “Send for approval” button should now turn blue instead of grey; click on it to submit your details. It takes 48 hours for your account to be approved; It only took me less than 24 hours for homegrown income.

Add a bank account: Step 2 – Add your bank account and set your monthly subscription price.

Once your account is approved, you should only receive an email from fans, confirm approval, and let you know that you can now add your bank account and set your monthly subscription price.

Just log in to your fan account, click on the profile icon, then click on “Add Bank”, this will take you to the banking page. The default payout method is direct transfer via your visa card.

This option is an original credit transfer (OCT), a new payment system that is faster and cheaper than a bank transfer, which allows you to withdraw less than $ 20 and accept it within three business days.

Only fans, add bank card details to get paid.

Under “Direct Transfer (OCT)”, you will see a button called “Other Power Options”. This button will show you the remaining payout options, now Direct Transfer (OCT) and International Bank Transfer (SWIFT) are available.

Onlyfan payout options

You can choose this option if you want to make a payment by bank transfer instead. However, this method only allows you to withdraw money after your account earns Rs 200 each time; it may be a bit longer than the transfer.

On the other hand, this method works only with Visa and Visa debit cards, with direct transfers to fans while working with any bank account.


  • If you have a visa or visa debit card, stay with Direct Transfer (OCT).
  • If you do not have a visa card or visa debit card, choose International Bank Transfer (SWIFT).

Once you have selected your payout method, complete the required details and click “Save Payout Details”. This option is it! Now all you have to do is set a monthly subscription price and start getting paid. We will cover it in the next step.

Set a monthly membership fee

Once your only fan account has been approved, and your bank details added to your account, you can now set your monthly subscription price.

To do this, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, go to “My Profile” in the side menu, and click on “Edit Profile” on your profile page.

How to edit your only fan profile?

By default, your subscription price is set to “free”, and the minimum subscription price you can set is $ 4.99.

I recommend starting with the price limit between $ 9.99 – $ 14.99 and running promotions for $ 5.99 – $ 7.99 when needed. Over time, your value, content, and customer experience will grow. Then you can adjust your worth based on how your account works.

Usually, you are more likely to get more customers if your subscription price is low but don’t be afraid to charge more if you post a lot of content, especially if the content is long and time-consuming.

You want to keep a balance that is not expensive to join new customers, but you are still making enough money to be valuable. Think of it this way, and if you charge $ 9.99 a month and have 1000 customers, only fans will earn $ 7,992 a month after paying 20% ​​of their fee.

Many top performers only have a subscription fee of $ 9.99 and even less for fan creators, so don’t be afraid to start low.

Making money just for the only fans

Now that you have just set up your fan account, now is the time to post content on your feed. Whenever a fan sees your profile, they can see the number of photos, videos, audio, likes, and fans you have.

Onlyfan profiles

Since your fans are paying for your content access, you want to ensure you have enough content available. To start adding content to your fan profile, just click on the home icon and go to the “new post”.

Only fans, all post options

As you can see, only fans give you a comprehensive posting option.

Your monthly subscription fee is not the only way to make money only to fans, and you can earn money through tips and per-view content. We will look at the thesis methods in detail below.

Ask for tips

Fans can send you tips by clicking the dollar icon at the bottom of your post, or they can send you tips via message. If you post high-quality content, don’t be afraid to tell your fans to like your posts and tips if they enjoy your content.

Sell ​​custom content using tips and PPV messages.

Sell ​​items instead of a note, and you can sell both digital content and physical things like this.

For example, you can sell:

  • Workout planning in PDF format
  • The meal plan is PDF.
  • Physical Recipe Book
  • Photos and videos
  • Products that you own that you want to sell to your fans
  • When selling to fans, create a tip menu and list your items and tip fees for the sale. Pin your tip menu to your profile and tell your fans what they are doing for you.

Tip menu examples:

You can buy my workout routine and meal plan by following my conversation tips; please send me your name and address if you are purchasing a physical product. Thank you.

Note menu

Digital Products:

  • Standard 7-day meal plan (PDF file) – $ 20
  • Standard 7 Day Workout Routine (PDF File) – $ 25
  • Custom 7 Day Meal Plan (PDF file) – $ 70
  • Custom 7 Day Exercise Routine (PDF File) – $ 75

Physical Products:

  • Top Workout T-Shirt – $ 15
  • Full Workout Driving Bag – $ 18

When you send me a tip, please let me know why you are giving me an advice so that I can send you the right item.

If you are selling digital products, place them in a specific document folder so that you can upload them as soon as you get an order from your tip menu and send them to fans.

When selling physical goods, try and keep small, light products that are cheap to send to your fans. Remember that depending on the courier you use, your fans may need a phone number. If you need a phone number for delivery, add it to your tip menu.

If you are sending physical products using a tracking shipping service, send tracking numbers to your fans to give them peace of mind.

To pin your tip menu only to your fan profile (another post pin), first, post it, then click the Setting button (the three dots next to your post) and click “Pin on your profile page”.

  • Just how to pin a post to a fan
  • Use public messages to provide special content

You can only use the Fans Month messaging feature to provide unique content to your current customers. Instead of posting content to your feed for future customers to see, you can send a video, photo or message to all your existing fans.

Since the content will not be in your feed, only current customers can get it, making it special. You can use this strategy on your social media account to get new customers.

For example, you can post it on Twitter:

“Only my customers will get * special content examples * for the next week, and it will no longer be available next week”.

When you send a public message, your current customers will always have access to the content included in the message, even though they have not verified their account for a few days. For this reason, it is a good way to ensure that your current customers do not miss out on special content.

If you post special content to your feed using the full-time post b feature, current customers who do not check your feed within that time frame will not see the content, so stay tuned for more messages so that your customers will not miss it.

Customers are paying to get extra access for you. They usually don’t get from other social media platforms, so use personal messaging to engage with fans and post your unique content that they won’t see anywhere else.

Only fan PPV message / view message pay / locked message / locked post.

You can only earn money from fans by sending PPV messages to your customers; these messages are priced locked so you can see if your fans pay. You can send photos, photo sets (up to 20 photos), audio tracks and videos; you can set a minimum price of $ 3.

You can also send PPV messages to a specific customer. For example, you may have a customer who asked for a custom photo or video for $ 50, in which case you will send a PPV message to that fan.

Just send a PPV message (or price locked message) to the fan, click on the conflict icon at the top of the page, it will take you to the chat page. Click on “New Message” on the chat page, then tick the “All Customers” box and click “Next”.

Write your message and attach the media you want to send, then click on the price tag icon to add your price for the content. Click “Next”, and you’re done.

Your fans will be able to see what kind of PPV content you have sent without seeing the actual content yourself. For example, if you send them a video, they will see a vague preview image with the word “video”, the length of the video and the price to open it.

If you send a locked photo message to your fans, they will see a vague preview, the word “photo” and the number of photos included in the message, and the cost of opening it.

As mentioned earlier, if you only have a free fan account, you can also lock the value of your posts which your customers will have to pay for that particular post before viewing it.

Helpful only fan tips

Here are some useful tips to help you create a lucrative fan account.

Just link a domain name to your fan account.

Buy a domain name and re-order it only to your fan account, so it is easy to remember. A domain name or URL is just a web address that people use to access a site.

For example, you can buy a domain name and only fans. You can re-order the com / top workout or buy the domain name and make it just a fan. You can re-order com / maryjane

It is easy to redirect your domain name to your fan account only, and you can learn how to redirect your URL here.

Contact your fans

Communicate with customers who respond to you is a great way to get involved with what you think about your followers to show. Only dedicated fans will continue to provide your monthly membership.

Research your content

Create your content in advance and set it to appear in your feed later. Just keeps your feed active, especially at times when you may be busy adding new content. Determining content is also more effective because you can spend hours or days creating new content so that you can see the same content in your feed for a while, for example, a week.

When your scheduled content is posted to your feed, you can use that free time to create new content as per the schedule. Doing so will allow it to work less while your feed is busy. You can schedule photos, videos, audio and updates.

Stay tuned

Post regular content and talk to your fans every day. If you go a long way without posting content or talking to your fans, they will likely cancel their membership. You update the feed at least every two days, even if it is just a photo or status update. Look at your followers that you are active, see that the person who pays your monthly price has got what you get.

Be patient

Just use your only fan account as a business, it’s not a rich quick scheme, and it may take some time for things to go if you don’t have a major follow-up.

Hack your customers

Keep your customers in the habit of returning to your page by posting content regularly. it is especially useful if you have something to sell in your message. If you have fans who regularly check your page, you are more likely to sell something on the message. Stability is key to any business you start.

Create a custom welcome message

Send an automated welcome message to every new fan who only subscribes to your fan account. Before you can do this, you must enable the feature.

Go to your settings, click the “Chat” tab, find the “Welcome Message for New Fans”, and click the grey button next to it. Once you click the button, it should turn blue, which means it has been activated.

Only fans can activate the welcome message.

Create a welcome message later that will be automatically sent to new customers. Once done, click the blue “Save” button next to your message.

You can send a simple welcome message or a detailed identity to your profile. You can also send fans an introductory video, but don’t forget to thank your new customers while welcoming them.

A welcome message to start a conversation with your fans is a great way, they will only use fans or get a custom content request.

Create a seasonal real/promotional video

Create a short promotional video (1-2 minutes long) showing your best content snippet. Having a seasonal reel in your profile shows new customers your best work, letting them know about your value immediately. You can pin your seasonal reel to the top of your profile to see all your customers.

If you already have another pin post (for example, a tip menu), you can upload your seasonal reel as a story, then save the story permanently as a highlight. Highlights are always at the top of your profile.

Listen to the feedback.

Pay attention to the regular questions, suggestions and feedback you get from fans and create a FAQ list on your note app. When the same question continues to pop up, add the answer to the question.

This way, you can copy and paste a fan’s answer every time a question comes up. Keep a list of suggestions and feedback, use it to improve your account and content.

Add only fan app icons to the homepage (for iPhone)

  • How to just add fans to your home screen
  • Just go to the fansite on your safari app.
  • Open the Share / Export menu.
  • Click “Add to Home Screen”
  • Click “Add” – you can rename the icon if you want
  • Get out of the safari and check out your home screen.
  • Now you only have easy access for fans, and you can use it as a special app without opening your safari browser.

Promote your account

Promotion Campaign

Only fans can give you promotions by offering discounted membership to only fans. You can set discounts to complete the deadline on a specific date. You can set it only for new customers and set it to expire after a certain number of people sign up. You can also make your account free for a while

Discounted subscription encourages fans to take the opportunity to subscribe to your account. If they are not satisfied, they can cancel their renewal. Congratulations if they like your content! You now have a regular customer who will pay your normal price after the end of their promotional month.

Some people may doubt the value of your content, and they may feel that your value is too expensive. By running a promotion, you have a chance to prove to your potential customers that your content is worth it. For example, your subscription usually costs $ 19.99, which is expensive, so you run a promo for $ 9.99 or even $ 4.99.

This strategy will work if your general value becomes expensive if the content you upload is generous and of high quality. Your fans have to prove that your high-value tag is worth it.

Social media

You can use social media to promote your account just to get more customers on your fan account.

According to later, most online marketers follow a one hundred per cent rule (or $ 100 for 10K followers). However, you can sometimes pay $ 25 – $ 50 to promote influencers with 100,000 followers, as described in our product research guide.

Use Snapchat to promote your fan page only.

Snapchat is just to promote your fan account; find popular Snapchat accounts with viewers who will be interested in your content. For example, if you are only running a fitness app, look for fitness influencers. If you produce adult content, look for older adults.

Once you have made an effective selection, ask them to send them their underlying screenshot, which is important for five reasons:

  • According to Snapchat, creators can only get inserts with large audiences.
  • You will see how many stories their stories have seen in the last week and month.
  • Over the past week and month, snipers will be able to see the total time spent viewing their profiles.
  • You will see hundreds of male and female Snapchats watching their stories.
  • You will see demographic information about their audience, including their most popular, age scene time, story scene percentage, lifestyle, and popular area.
  • Check out Snapchat internally when paying for promos from influencers.
  • Ideally, you only want a snapshot account with at least a million views last month to promote a fan account. The more impact your promotion will have, the more clicks and subscribers you will get.

When it comes to online marketing, the average conversion rate is usually reduced by 2 2%, so you can use it to predict how many customers you will get from a promotion once you get your effective internal information.

For example, with a conversion rate of 2%, 1,000,000 impressions should get you at least 20,000 visitors and convert at least 400 of those 20,000 visitors.

If your subscription price is $ 9.99, you will get $ 3996 in monthly revenue (400 x $ 9.99). Just charge the fan a 20% fee, and it will leave you $ 3197 in monthly profit.

Use Reddit to promote your only fan page.

Reddit is a great place just to promote your fan account and get new customers. Create an account and find subreddits related to the type of content you post.

Before promoting yourself in a subreddit, make sure that you read the subreddit rules. Some subreddits allow for promotion and promotion when others do not. You want to promote your account on multiple subreddits to increase your exposure.

While you only share a fan profile link, you should add your profile link in the comments section after you post.

It is because links to Reddit post titles are not clickable, and since you post photo content, you cannot add a description to your post.

So make sure your potential fans can easily go to your profile, create your photo/image Reddit post (don’t forget to use an interesting title) and follow along with a comment with your profile link.

Reddit promotions are especially good for influential, player and adult content creators.

Use your social media account.

Promote your only fan account on your Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube accounts. If you only have fan-feed nudity or adult content, do not post any nudity directly on those sites other than Snapchat and Twitter, which have more comfortable content policies.

Add only your fan links to all your social network accounts, and always use visual media like photos, gifs and videos to promote your link.


On Instagram, create a story; just post a picture or video with a “swipe up” caption linking to your fan account. Make sure the story only applies to the content on your fan account. If you have adult content on your account, make sure you don’t have nudity in your story or use emoji to cover nudity.

You can promote your account through a post. Just post a photo, gift or video related to the content on your fan account, adding a caption to the description with the word “Click on my bio” in the description. Since the links in the post caption are not clickable, you need to direct viewers to your bio link, which user can click on.

For example, you can post:

  • Blog Preview (Influencer / Lifestyle Only Fan)
  • Short exercise clip (personal trainer only)
  • A photo of your backpacking in Sri Lanka (Travel Blog Only Fans)
  • Makeup Tutorial Preview (Beauty Tips Only Fans)
  • If you only have nudity on your fan account, make sure you do not post nudity on your Instagram profile. You can always crop the nude parts or cover them with big emojis so your content doesn’t fall on Instagram.


Connect to your Twitter account, so new posts are automatically shared with your followers. (Image)

To get your clicks through the rate, just post a fan every time on your Twitter account, click on the tweet and select “Retweet with comments”. Then add a caption or summary to an eye-catching image, gift or video. If the only fan post is a video, you can use a screenshot, gift or short clip from the video to quickly preview your followers.

Don’t just rely on fans to post content on your Twitter account. Encourage content yourself. Just apply your fan link, write a summary and include an image, video clip or gift.


If you have a YouTube, you can only promote your YouTube customers to fan accounts directly. Just add your fan link to your description and ask your audience to subscribe if they want to see your special content.

You can collaborate with other YouTubers and promote each other only to fan accounts. The best way to promote your fan account is to create a video related to the fan or the content you provide. For example, you can do a costume hall video or a top 10 workout.

Work only with other fan creators.

Instead of encouraging their followers to give your account away, pay or provide tips for other influencer fans only. Before doing so, it’s good to know how many fans the creator has, so check out their fan tabs or ask them to send you their fan counter screenshots.


Suppose you have special content to offer your fans, just a good way to make money online. Remember to consistently post and keep in touch with your fans to maintain your customer count.

I hope you found this guide helpful; if you know of someone who only runs a fan account or plans to create one, feel free to share this guide with them.

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