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How to track GPS location of android devices using OgyMogy

How to track the GPS location of Android devices. Android technology has made its way to the next level and today more than 90% of the mobile and tablet devices are of android OS. These devices are available in different shapes, models, and specifications. You can get your hand on it without facing issues from anywhere in the tech market. The use of cellphone and tablets are on the rise among everyone worldwide and people use it for personal and professional perspective.

The rise and the rise of cellphone usage among children and teens have made parents insecure. So, they are trying to spy on kids’ activities on mobile devices. Moreover, employers want to track employee’s activities on the company’s provided phones and GPS location tracker. Now you can get the live GPS location of android with a spy app for cellphone.

What is cell phone spying software?

It is the world’s best and advanced OgyMogy cell phone tracking software that is been developed for the surveillance of children and as well as of employees. You can track employee’s GPS location in working hours and parents can get the location when kids are outside their house.

You can install it on the target device and then you can use its powerful feature likewise GPS location tracking, location history monitoring, and last but not the least you can use route map surveillance tool by using its online web portal. The application has a user –friendly interface and you can easily navigate its feature and get the real-time location of your target device virtually by using Google MAP.

The benefits of mobile spy app

When it comes to parents in general and employers, in particular, it is full of benefits. Parents can track the location of children when they supposed to come from school and hidden whereabouts. Moreover, employers can use this tool to know the exact and current location of employees when deployed in the field.

It keeps updating employers and parents about the route maps, location history, and live location of children and employees respectively. It means it is beneficial for children’s safety and employee’s irresponsible behaviour to the fullest.


Cell phone spy app is the tech-tool that is compatible with the entire contemporary android phones and tablet running with Android OS and even the latest version 10 and above.

How to get & install mobile phone spy software?

The very first job for you is to visit the official webpage of the android spy app. In addition to that, you need to get the subscription once you have got access to the webpage. Moreover, you will have to get the credentials via an email sent to you. So, get access to the email inbox and get the credentials in terms of password and ID.

Moreover, you need to get physical access to the target device and start the process of installation. When you have done with the process of installation then you need to complete the setup on the target device.

However, before you complete the activation process you will see a pop –up message it empowers you to hide the android spying software on the target device. Now use the credentials in terms of password and ID and get access to the web portal. Now you can use the powerful tools to monitor the target cellphone device to the fullest.

Use phone spy software powerful Features

GPS location on android

Users can use the online dashboard and activate GPS tracking and get live GPS location on an android device. Moreover, you can track location history, route map, and you can set Geo-Fence and get a notification when children enter or leave the restricted place virtually.

Other Features

Live screen recorder

You can perform screen recording on the target device but you have to activate the screen recorder software. It allows you to make short time videos of the target device screen and you can further send these videos to the online dashboard.

IM’s social media

Users can remotely get access to the target device installed social messaging apps and you can get the logs. You can get the logs of instant messengers on android in terms of messages, conversations, audio-video calls, shared media, and voice messages.


Android spying app for cellphone is the best tool in the business these days that empowers parents and employers to spy on the live GPS location of children and employees respectively. So, keep protecting your kids and business.

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