How to Write an A-grade Academic Paper

A lot of people struggle to write an academic paper however No need to worry. You are not alone. We are giving you 10 excellent tips in this article that will enable you to write high-quality academic papers and making academic writing easy for you.

The reason why you are struggling with this form of writing is that it differs a lot from the papers you wrote in high school. You need to do a lot of reading and in-depth research in this case. Without a doubt, this definitely is a very time-consuming activity and can eat up a whole lot of your time.

The end goal of such homework is to show that you have profound knowledge in this field.

Some general principles

  1. You must understand the purpose of your writing.
  2. Your work should be unique and present your point of view.
  3. Include only relevant details in your work.
  4. You must follow a standard pattern.
  5. Provide a clear and logical explanation to your reader.
  6. As your reference, you can use articles written by other prominent authors.
  7. Use natural language in your paper writing. It should not be too formal.

How to write a quality academic paper?

By following these tips, we are sure you would definitely score very highly on your academic paper.

  1. It is a must that the topic you choose is highly aligned with your interests. If you need some topic ideas, go out there and use google search for it. You will definitely get lot of ideas through proper search.
  2. Take a notebook and start doing your research. It is important to jot down the information you receive. Whether you are reading from a book or searching through the internet, just write whatever concrete information you find. Note down every important source of information.
  3. Pick a strong thesis statement to argue on.
  4. Plan your writing. Draw out your flow of ideas. Create a basic outline of your paper in your brain and then set out to write it carefully.
  5. Write down your thoughts. Go natural. You should not worry about grammar, punctuation, and other things. We would fix it later on.
  6. Revise your essay. During this period, you are supposed to check your ideas and logic behind a certain argument. You must do this more than once.
  7. Finally, proofread your writing for the final time.

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Major steps in paper writing

Thesis Statement

You must choose your thesis statement very carefully. This is going to decide the flow of your content. The thesis statement is a very strong part of your essay writing acumen. It should be highly engaging to attract the reviewer.


You must write a catchy introduction. It should be engaging to the reader. Remember if you are not able to grab the attention of the reader in this part, then he would barely read the rest of the paper.

Body Paragraphs

This part tends to be the lengthiest part where you tend to describe everything in detail about academic writing. You must present your idea in detail. Use statistics quotes from eminent persons, use references from other papers. In this part, you should try to establish a cogent argument.


This part is as important as the introduction. Your reader is only going to remember the first and the last paragraph of your paper. Make this unique and interesting.


You must revise your paper 6-7 times in order to ensure you have written work properly and there are no grammar or small sentence structure errors. You cannot expect to write a perfect first draft, this is absolutely impossible. Revising your drafted work multiple times is an integral part of good academic writing acumen.

To sum up

Follow these simple tips to write an effective academic paper. If you follow this guide religiously, you will get an A-grade for sure. If you simply do not have the time or you are not able to write a good quality academic paper and need manual help from a paper writing company for drafting and proofreading your paper, then you can search for such service on google. There are multiple companies providing such services. One such high-quality academic writing website is Help in Homework where all papers are written from scratch and there is a guarantee of no plagiarism in them.

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