Polydipsia Or Thirst: Why Do Diabetics Feel More Thirsty?

The severity of thirst is one of the early symptoms of diabetes. This article will explain the relationship between polydipsia and diabetes.

There are many symptoms of diabetes, one of which is polydipsia (intensity of thirst). polydipsia is one of the early signs of diabetes. In this case, the patient can drink more than 6 liters of water a day.

This property is challenging to know the cause of severe thirst that sugar is either not arms. There are a few things to ask for particular attention.

  • If you feel thirsty all the time.
  • If you start to feel more thirsty than before.
  • Don’t quench your thirst even after drinking water.

What are the possible causes of Polydipsia?

In addition to diabetes, there are many other causes of thirst.

  1. Do not drink too much water (after exercise).
  2. sweating a lot.
  3. Excessive consumption of coffee or tea.
  4. Polyurea is a disease in which there is a lot of urination. Polyurea can also cause polydipsia. Water is required. 2.5 liters or more of urine in 24 hours is a sign of polyurea.
  5. The use of some medicines, especially diuretics, also causes more urination.
  6. Excessive use of vitamin D.
  7. Excessive salt intake.
  8. Drinking more water in case of trouble.
  9. Diary
  10. Ultimateblood being destroyed.
  11. Dehydration due to an infection or burn.
  12. Kidney failure.
  13. Psychogenic polydipsia (a mental problem) in which the patient drinks too much water.

The intensity of thirst is usually felt when the body has to overcome the dehydration, whether it is due to excessive sweating or excessive urination.

Polydipsia and diabetes:

Most of the thirst is felt due to diabetes. When the blood sugar is not absorbed in the body, the body still feels thirsty after drinking water. To give energy to the body, glucose must be absorbed and when. If this does not happen, then the body starts using fats to get power. As a result, ketones are formed, which produces acid in the blood. This condition proves to be fatal for the body. Its symptoms include weakness, dry skin; These include vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of consciousness, or going into a coma. These cases require immediate medical attention.
Diabetes causes dehydration in the body because the kidneys cannot store water. Therefore, despite drinking water, you still feel thirsty.

Polydipsia causes:

The first primary symptom of polydipsia is severe thirst, which is not reduced to drinking water.

Other Polydipsia Symptoms Include:

  • Excessive urination (more than 5 liters a day)
  • Persistent dry mouth.
  • Patients with diabetes show these symptoms, along with the intensity of thirst.
  • Severe hunger. Weight loss,
  • fatigue or lethargy, blurred vision,
  • infection or injury,
  • infection or wound healing.

Risks of Polydipsia

Due to the intensity of thirst in Polypsia, more water is consumed, which increases the risk of water poisoning. Drinking more water reduces the amount of salt in the blood, which causes headaches, body aches, and symptoms of lethargy. Seem to appear.

Apparently, this symptom does not seem so dangerous, but it is still very harmful to health. If you have diabetes and you feel very thirsty, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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