Rishi Theme Download – Core Web Vitals Optimized Theme (Fast & Free)

Rishi Theme Download – Core Web Vitals Optimized Theme (Fast and Free). Launch of the Fast & Free WordPress theme “Rishi” right now. If you want to run a large website with 100+ web pages and want your entire website to need a lightweight theme, you need three things.

  1. Light theme.
  2. Less complement.
  3. Smart design.

Rishi Theme (Fast and Free) Web Vitals Optimized Main Theme

Here’s a new special light theme called “Rishi.” It is a completely free theme. You do not need to pay anything. Download and install Rishi for your WordPress website. This topic is tagged as “Custom Colors, Full-Width Template, One Column, Custom Background, Three Columns, Sticky Post, Nested Comments, Microformats, Translation Ready, Custom Header, Custom Menu, Two Columns, Featured Images, Language Support RTL, Left Sidebar, Flexible Header, Editor Style, Theme Options, Right Sidebar.”

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Rishi Theme features:

  • Speed ​​- Lightning Speed – Rishi is fast as a flash, and the numbers don’t lie. Zero CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) ensures the highest performance. Rishi loads in under 500ms and easily outperforms other themes.
  • Integration with Plugins You Love: The Rishi theme is designed to work seamlessly with any of your favorite plugins.
  • Pre-Built Starter Template Library- Want to start your site effortlessly? Rishi offers a buffet of pre-designed, ready-to-import site templates to help you set up a fancy site in no time.
  • Customize Everything: Rishi has several options to show your creativity and create a unique website in addition to using the default layouts.
  • The Header & Footer Builder – Create any header and footer you can think of in no time using the drag and drop interface. You can also put your copyright text, page links, buttons, logos, and social sharing links in the header and footer.
  • Live Editing – Tweak your website in real-time with Rishi. You get a live preview of your settings while simultaneously making changes.
  • Drag and Drop Builder – Drag the items you want to add to your header or footer and drop them into the position you need.
  • Advanced Style Options: Rishi makes customization easy and fun. You can select an item you want to adjust and play with the style from the many options available.
  • Colors: Rishi offers multiple options to access and manage the colors of any element on your website with just a few clicks.
  • Live Edit: Edit your website in real-time with a live preview. This way, you know what your changes will look like without leaving the settings panel.
  • Drag and drop builder: Drag your website elements and drop them anywhere you want on your page. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
  • Advanced style options: Don’t limit your site to a simple design. The design however you want without restrictions and build the site of your dreams.
  • Sin jQuery: Rishi uses Vanilla JavaScript, optimizing your site’s performance by preventing rendering from blocking jQuery.
  • Friendly scheme: Rishi is schema-friendly, so search engines like Google will love your website.
  • Extensive customization: Get as creative as you can with Rishi’s extensive customization options. Now, no design is out of reach.

How to download the latest version of Frontier

Today you can download the Rishi theme for free. Get the Rishi theme 1.3.2 (or higher version) wp theme and install it for your project. Download Rishi theme version 1.3.2 on 11-15-2021, but a newer version may be available. What could you do with this amazing wp theme? Rishi is a multipurpose WordPress theme, HTML5, and CSS3. Allows you to choose from 1-, 2-, or 3-column layouts while offering different template layouts for pages. Do you want to install Rishi? Let’s take a look:

Rishi performance theme

  • No jQuery: Rishi theme uses Vanilla JavaScript, which optimizes your site’s performance by preventing processing from blocking jQuery.
  • Less than 75 KB: Rishi requires less than 75 KB of resources, much less than other bulky WordPress themes. It’s no wonder performance is a guarantee at Rishi.
  • It charges in just half a second!- Rishi theme is a vital optimized core theme that focuses on faster speed and performance. Plus, its super lightweight construction allows your site to load faster in just half a second.
  • Optimized Code: Rishi uses WordPress default data and practices the best coding standards to ensure every line of code is optimized.
  • Intelligent lazy loading for images: Rishi loads only those images visible on users’ screens at any given time. The rest of the images remain downloaded. This feature increases the page loading speed.
  • WooCommerce Improvements: Nowadays, all themes are compatible with WooCommerce. But with Rishi, we take it to a higher level. WooCommerce Boost feature uploads only WooCommerce js and .style files to your WooCommerce page. As a result, you get pages that load faster with a massive speed increase.
  • Essential performance tweaks- Rishi focuses solely on the speed of his site. Here is how:
  • Lazy Loading Images – By enabling this feature, your page loads only the images you browse. The rest of the images remain as they are. As a result, the speed of the page increases.
  • Image upload animation type: You can select from different animation types for your image upload.
  • Remove version parameters: Enabling this feature on your site removes version query strings from your static resources. It helps improve caching of those resources to increase loading speed.
  • Remove Emoji: Enabling this feature removes the WordPress emoji JavaScript files (wp-emoji-release.min.js.) As a result, an improvement in your site performance.
  • Disable auto-pingbacks: You can disable auto-pingbacks created when you link to an article on your blog.
  • Disable RSS Feeds – You can disable WordPress generated RSS Feeds and the 301 redirect URL to parents.
  • Defer JavaScript: Enabling this feature postpones the loading of rendering-blocking JavaScript files for faster website loading and page download speed.
  • Layout. Choose from several ready-to-use templates from our library or create your layout using the drag and drop page builder. With Rishi, anything is possible. You need to be more creative.
  • Layouts: Rishi offers abundant layout options to design your headings, blogs, pages, and other page elements.
  • Header & Footer Maker – Easily match your header and footer to your branding. Our drag-and-drop header and footer generator lets you add your desired elements such as menus, buttons, search, and more.
  • Transparent header: Set a unique impression among your visitors using the transparent header feature. That is sure to catch the attention of users on the go.
  • Fixed Header – Our fixed header feature provides the convenience of viewing and accessing the header menu even when users scroll through your site.
  • Color and Typography – Select and set your page elements for a unique look that matches your brand. Then you can improve it by adjusting the typography in some ways.
  • WooCommerce Ready- Ready to sell your products on your site? Rishi is 100% WooCommerce compatible and offers you easy settings. In addition, we have added various designs to display your products.
  • Site layouts – We have added various layouts to display your pages distinctively with a professional touch.
  • Boxed: If you prefer to organize your content in a boxed format, you can use Rishi’s built-in box layout for your site. Everything appears perfectly in a box layout with a primary focus on your content title and featured image.
  • Boxed Content – Another option for organizing your content is wrapping the boxed design within a border. It is similar to boxed content, except it now has an outer boundary.
  • Infinite Scrolling – Keep your visitors interested in your content using the infinite scrolling technique. The eliminates the need for paging, thus increasing your retention.
  • Schema integration: Being schema compliant is an important ranking factor in search engines. Therefore, we have made sure to integrate the Schema to Rishi theme so that search engines love your site and you have a better advantage over your competitors.
  • Optimized for SEO – If your site is not optimized for SEO, you lose the game. However, Rishi is the one who changes the rules of the game. It is SEO friendly and uses clean SEO codes to get your site booked higher in search engines without breaking a sweat.

We have included detailed step-by-step documentation of the topic to help you get along with the topic. Check it out before submitting a support ticket.

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