How to Start Selling And Be Successful On Amazon Marketplace

Today we are going to know about How to Start Selling And Be Successful On Amazon Marketplace. Amazon is a high traffic eCommerce site with millions of visitors using the website daily. The good news is that Amazon allows retailers of a wide range of products to sell their products in the Amazon Marketplace. Selling products through the Amazon Marketplace is quite easy; one can be up and running in a matter of hours.

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Bear in mind that Amazon is not just an online retailer; it has evolved to an eCommerce portal where millions of shoppers go shopping for products from thousands of shoppers that have their online store locates at the Portal. The Sheer volume of transactions carried out at Amazon makes it apparent that it can be a vibrant sales channel for about any online business outlet.

To start a successful retail outlet at the Amazon Marketplace; there are many steps to be taken as required by amazon.

How do I become a seller on Amazon Marketplace?

Prepare Your Business Information

Because Amazon is a reputable eCommerce brand, it is natural for the company to request for details of those they allow to retail products in its Marketplace. It is required for each Amazon Marketplace seller to open a business account and create a seller’s profile

To set up an account, a seller should be prepared with basic company details and contact information such as:

  • A brand name is shown to shoppers — for example, “Techie Store”;
  • A legal business name — for example, “Techie Store LLC.”;
  • An email address for customer service;
  • A customer service phone number;
  • The offline location from which items will ship;
  • Bank routing number;
  • Bank account number.

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Besides from the above-listed requirements, a seller should be ready to choose the shipping services to be offered such as expedited shipping and how the shipping rates are to compute during the checkout process. Is the shipping rates computed per item, item weight or just a flat rate? Be careful to have a good knowledge of what the shipping cost to you is that way; you will be able to select the appropriate shipping method. The choice of the type of shipping can always be updated later.

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The seller’s profile in one important piece of information the seller should prepare meticulously because shoppers in the Amazon Marketplace usually check this information to learn more about the merchant.

A good profile should contain the under-listed:

  • A branded logo — the standard is about 120 PX wide;
  • A “about” section used to say about the seller this gives the privilege to market yourself;
  • A shipping information section, providing details about carriers and shipping times;
  • A return and refund section;
  • A privacy policy.

Prepare Your Product Information

Amazon requires a few things about the products sold in its market place. For every item, have a universal product code (UPC) — this is mandatory — and a stock-keeping unit (SKU).

Amazon does also require product information, such as:

  • The product name or title;
  • A Product description;
  • Outlined Product specifications;
  • A product image;
  • The related keywords list or search terms;
  • The category of Amazon where the product should be listed.

If a product already listed from another seller, Amazon prefers to use the current image and description. Having the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for an already established product in the Marketplace can speed up the listing process.

Amazon can accept the product details formats such as in XML, text, or via a desktop or web-based product submission tool.

Create the Seller Account

Once the business information and the product details is ready; it will be easy to create an account and post the first batch of products. All accounts are manually reviewed and usually become available live at the amazon Marketplace within a couple of hours.

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