The Computer Mouse – Why Has It Not Evolved?

With the generally accepted basis that technological capability doubles every 24 months — what is it with the mouse that we have been using it the exact same way since 1963?

The advancements with computers we’ve seen since that time are huge. Today, you can place a computer that has more memory than a SAGE computer into your pocket. If you know more about the most expensive mouse from techno mono so keep in touch. Sure, there’ve been some substantial improvements to its performance since that original layout (that used two wheels to control the cursor position). A brief summary would include;

  • 1972 — the trackball addition
  • 1984 — the Apple one-button mouse
  • 1991 — the first wireless mouse
  • 1999 — the first optical mouse (that did not require a particular, grid-lined mouse pad).

However, Overall, the Computer Mouse Has Remained Pretty Much the Same for Over 40 Years – Why?

For those that can remember the ‘green screen’, the brief cut keys and consistent use of the Tab key were the most effective way to move the cursor into the desired place.

With this, we are beginning to see why the computer mouse hasn’t yet evolved – because such development has been dictated from the software applications we have been using. Given that companies and corporations were pretty much the only marketplaces for computers and software up into the ’80s and early ’90s, the software developed was all focused on efficient data entry, data manipulation, and reporting.

However, since we all know, the decrease in the cost of technology has seen computers in almost every home in first world countries. Equally, the World Wide Web has changed what the vast majority of the planet new uses computers for.

This is the point where the main port to the computer is finished with ‘point and click’ i.e. Using the mouse. The significant factor here is that the dramatic change in the amount of time spent on the keyboard v the mouse as the principal interface device. Where in yesteryear, the divide between mouse and keyboard might have been (generally) 80% keyboard / 20% mouse, today it’s more likely to be 40 percent computer keyboard and 60% mouse, or much more.

Browser-Based Computing Is Now A Reality.

And it is this movement away from the keyboard as the key interface to the mouse which presents the chance for the mouse to finally evolve. And evolve it needs to. Now, this is not to mention that the keyboard is redundant in this browser-based new universe. Using applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and lots of business applications necessitate the use of a computer keyboard.

But the requirement right now, and to the future will be to satisfy the need to have a much better interface device to the surfing manner where computers are more commonly used. Look at the online gamer playing a poker tournament. This could be a three-hour stretch (if they were winning!) Where the mouse could be the only device used to Pass, Bet, Raise or Fold.

Likewise, the information junky who sits down with their cup of coffee to devour the planet’s happenings via their various RSS links and favorite news sites — without ever touching the keyboard.

How we’re using computers is different now. The time for computer mouse evolution is at hand! And we believe that development has started.

Heated Mouse – Do It for Your Mouse Hand

Unsure how long spent sitting in front of a pc, and if you’re reading this, I bet you spend at least a couple of hours daily moussing your way online. There’s tons of information available concerning the ill effects of computer overuse; especially for people who do not utilize the computer in a healthy way. By healthy, I refer to appropriate ergonomics. However, even with appropriate ergonomics set up, there is still the risk of ill effects of overuse; particularly overuse of the mouse hand.

There are an endless number of hand disorders and medical conditions with cold hand symptoms and side effects. Cold hands when trying to get computer work done are annoying and debilitating. Not only do they cause annoyance to your mouse hand, cold hands actually become numb, and palms feel as if they are frozen.

Exposed hands working at the pc need warmth. If you operate in a chilly room, a drafty space, it is wise to use a heated computer mouse. A heated mouse generates warmth throughout the skin’s layers penetrating the muscle tissue. There are a number of heated pc devices having a USB connection and several uses a carbon fiber that transmits infrared heating.

Infrared heat is proven to create a therapeutic effect for sore muscles. Eastern cultures have been using infrared heating for centuries. The sunlight is a natural source of infrared heat. The wonderful thing about an infrared heated mouse would be getting all of the benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays.

Further research suggests 20-30 minutes of infrared heat daily can actually offer healing success. So, if you are like me, a USB infrared heated mouse will surely be a welcomed relief for cold mouse pain. A heated mouse stimulates the circulation of blood and consequently reduces stiffness in finger and wrist joints. If muscles are sore, then the more heated mouse will permeate deeply to soothe aching muscles.

Chemical toxins from the bloodstream are a concern today with all the food that we eat and the air we breathe. The infrared heat created by the warmth of a USB heated mouse can help detoxify our method of the toxins that are unhealthy. The heat releases the toxins out of cells ridding the body of unnecessary toxic build-up.


Techno Mono is a tech gadget hub where we can provide unbiased reviews on different products of electric gadgets and home and much more. Massage therapists use heat to relax muscles. Why don’t you use heat at home while we work? Keep your mouse hand relaxed, your blood flowing to reduce poor circulation, and detoxify your system with the use of an infrared heated computer mouse. If you love the sensation of the sun’s heat on your face on a warm summer afternoon, then you’ll truly enjoy the warmth of a warm mouse while you are sitting at work in the front of a pc!

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