The Role of Technology in Mortgage Lending

The Role of Technology in Mortgage Lending

Technology always makes things easier than how it can stay away from one of the most complicated industries that are the mortgage. Yes, when it comes to buying a property, people are quite anxious about the mortgage procedure. The only picture they have in their mind is of hefty documentation, lengthy procedures, tiring physical verifications, countless visits, arguments on the interest rates and whatnot. Everything annoying and critical relates to property lending. However, technology has changed things for good, and in many aspects, it is playing an important role.

Here is an insight into the role of technology in mortgage lending and how it ensures ease for the lenders and the borrowers.

The Initial procedure of mortgage is easier now

Whether it is about lenders or brokers, the initial procedure to scrutinize the personal finances of the applicant has become more manageable now. The technology provides the capacity to electronically collect information and make documentation of the assets, credit history, and a debt-to-income ratio of the applicant. Everything happens online now as the transfer of documents as well as information has become more relaxed now.  Usually, most of the complications take place at the initial stage only when so the lender asks for so many documents. The fund seeker gets confused and makes multiple mistakes in filing. But with the online methods, there is no need to make large files of documents.

Absence of compulsion of physical presence

Now we are not living in a time where the borrower had to make multiple visits to the office of the lender to sign countless documents. In addition, the lenders had to visit the place of the applicant to confirm their home address. Now things are smarter and faster. The online takes handle things efficiently. The address verification happens with the help of the electoral roll. The lender needs to check online the address of the applicant on the electoral roll. Just in a few clicks and a short time, things get done conveniently.

Enhanced capacity of lending money

Due to speedy procedures, it has become possible for mortgage providers to lend money to more people in a short time. They can complete the process in a small-time as compared to the traditional mortgage providers.  From the date of application for a mortgage by the applicant to the fund disbursement, things take place quite fast, which in turn facilitates timely completion of the process. Now it is possible to cover the maximum number of cases in a week or a month. To be very precise and bright, the minimum number of days required to get a mortgage has reduced to only 18 days. Yes, a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 40 days is the usual duration in the case of direct online lenders.

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Better coordination with all involved in the deal

While processing the application of a borrower, a lender has to work in coordination with many people. Mortgage applicant, solicitor, property surveyor, broker, and also local authorities of the area of the property, all are important. To get verifications on the number of things and collect information about varied aspects of the property buying process, the lender has to contact many people.  With the help of an online medium, it has become easy for mortgage providers to do their work correctly and efficiently.

Specialized mortgage lenders can easily get into the notice through popular keyphrases

Varied lenders deal in diverse types of mortgage products, but almost all of them have their specialized products. To satisfy the concerns of the applicants due to various issues on their mortgage struggle, the lenders offer property loans with unique features. Bad credit mortgages can be a good example. It is easier for fund seekers now to search specialized mortgage companies through popular keywords and key phrases. It saves time for the property buyer and increases the customer base for the lenders.

Immediate answers to the queries through chatbot with artificial intelligence

Lenders are 24x 7 available for the applicants through their smart chatbot features. Whatever is in the mind of the borrowers about the mortgage procedure or formality, they can ask online anytime. They get immediate response through an automated chatbot that gives precise and quick answers. All the questions frequently asked by the existing borrowers and prospective fund seekers can get an instant response. Say thanks to artificial intelligence.

Rational decisions with the help of calculators

Repayment calculator, stamp duty calculator, interest rate calculator, etc. facilitate rational decisions on the mortgage.  Lenders have advanced calculators on their websites. The applicants can visit the websites of the lenders, and they can calculate the total cost they have to bear. It helps in informed decision making, which is good for the lender as well as the borrower. Confident applicants are less chaotic for the mortgage companies as they decide on their responsibility after calculating the cost of the mortgage.

Last-minute savior during tough times

The current Corona pandemic is a perfect example to mention the role of technology in mortgage lending. Despite such a demoralizing atmosphere in the mortgage market of the UK, the applications of the existing mortgage applicants could stay in the process. It happened just because of the online procedures. Such things are even difficult to imagine in the absence of technology. From virtual property viewing to applying for a mortgage or mortgage payment holiday, everything is possible due to the 24 x 7 connection between the lenders and the borrowers. Despite such massive chaos in the property market, the mortgage lenders could manage to keep working on the fund requests.


All the points mention the importance and role of technology in mortgage lending. The property market can’t avoid technology in this modern world. From necessary procedures to the final fund disbursement, backup of technology is required everywhere. Artificial intelligence has given birth to FinTech, which in turn breeds advanced methods that facilitate more straightforward ways of obtaining funds. Both the lenders and the borrowers are happy with reduced time in the property buying journey; in short, mortgage lending is more efficient now.

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