Top 10 Singapore’s Architectural Highlights

Architectural Highlights of Singapore

Singapore is a global destination which is one of the top-rated cities in the whole world. This is because Singapore offers the premium in anything and everything – be it lifestyle, livelihood, education, travel, and whatnot. This is one of the reasons why Singapore is a dream destination for many and is visited by millions of people year on year. Not to mention Singapore’s architectural highlights that absolutely marvel worthy.

The strategic location of this country, the amalgamation of several cultures, diverse populations, stark juxtapositions of contrasting architecture are a few reasons why Singapore attracts so many tourists. Singapore is a classic rag to riches story, and this is because of the forward vision of the Singapore government leading to constant remodeling of the country.

This constant remodeling has led to one thing – every traveler who travels to Singapore swears by one thing – The iconic skyline of Singapore. Visiting the Lion City and not admiring the astounding skyline of Singapore is a cardinal sin. Singapore’s architectural highlights have fascinating modern and urban architecture and add a flavor of traditional edifices to this, which further vindicates the multicultural and historical aspect of Singapore.

Here are the top 10 Singapore’s architectural highlights

The Helix

As the name suggests, the footbridge is shaped similarly to the double-helix structure, and the primary reason behind this is the shelter that it provides from pelting rain and scorching midday sun. One of the stunning features of this is how the glass and steel elements run through seamlessly making it a beautiful sight.

2. Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is also known for the Garden City, and the gardens aren’t the only marvels in the city. The architecture in these gardens also enhances the quality of sightseeing. And that explains why Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay tends to become one of the architectural marvels in Singapore. The structure is curvilinear and has no linear columns to maintain sustainable environmental conditions makes this something that gives you food for your thought!

3. Supreme Court of Singapore

Supreme Court of Singapore is a marvel with a science-fiction look to it, considering the shiny large saucer-like shape on its top. The regal look is brought to this construction through the lavish use of glass and marble, which is used to imply transparency that Singapore law brings into effect. Just a court, but definitely one of the best Singapore’s architectural highlights.

4. OCBC Centre

It is very easy to miss spotting this building in the core downtown area which is embedded with towering skyscrapers gleaming with light. But this is definitely something that is set apart from the other modern buildings considering the style of architecture. The highlight of this building is that the architecture is similar to that of a calculator, and lights beam out from the offices that are functioning, making it an interesting sight.

5. Marina Bay Sands

No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is one of the top-rated highlights in Singapore and the architecture of this building justifies the same. Built in the form of a lotus blooming towards the integrated resort, it houses the world-famous infinity pool, casinos, and a hotel, thus making it a hotspot for the tourists.

6. Bras Basah MRT Station

The public transport system in Singapore is one of the world’s top-rated in terms of punctuality, efficiency, and connectivity. What further contributes to this is the architecture of the MRT station. This MRT station is located in a place where it is extremely crowded, and hence the architects had to go out of the box to build it underground, which you can access through an escalator.

7. Thian Hock Keng Temple

If you think Singapore’s architecture is all about towering skyscrapers and neon lights, the Thian Hock Keng Temple is here to break your misconception. Constructed in 1839, this is the oldest temple of the Hokkien People. Several parts of the building were made by recycling ballasts off Chinese junks and ships.  Built-in the ancestral style of Fujian, one of the major highlights about this temple is that it was built without the usage of even a single nail!

8. Bishan Public Library

Bishan Public Library is one of the most-visited public libraries in Singapore, mainly for its collection of books, and also for its astounding architecture. This library is designed like a treehouse that allows resplendent natural light through the eye-catching glass facade.

9. Pearl Bank Apartments

Although this is a pretty old building, this is still considered an architectural marvel. This is because when this building was built, it was one of its kind, where the building has a round and unique circular horseshoe shape that allows people to interact through the corridors.

10. Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, also known as the ‘durian’, has a porcupine-like structure on the top. This isn’t just for aesthetic reasons, but the main reason why it was built that way is to act as a sunshade to ensure the heat and radiation doesn’t creep into the building.

Singapore has several architectural marvels that are well and truly a sight to behold. Plan your Singapore tour with travel companies like Pickyourtrail, Traveltriangle through their Singapore tour packages to ensure you get the best vacation experience. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags to get awestruck by Singapore’s architectural highlights!

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