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Top 5 Highest Earning Channels on YouTube

Top 5 Highest Earning Channels on YouTube. Earning from YouTube is not new, but one of the convenient economic options these days. With the rapid development of advertising policies and YouTube advertisements, it is now easy for the content creators to approach the best prices for their efforts. The platform pays off the content creators with the help of their advertisers on board. On the other hand, companies and brands do consider the importance and reach of this independent broadcast platform that brings varied audiences to their products.

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It is not obvious that all YouTube channels are doing well in getting the viewer and advertiser’s attention. A few of the channels can do exceptionally amazing on the platform and bringing up some innovations for the industry. Many of the independent and corporate content creators are getting the best responses from the viewers and advertisers as well. Here is the list of top-earning YouTube channels that are grabbing the audience and advertisements together.

Ryan Kaji

At the top of the list, we got the channel from Ryan Kaji with 23 million subscribers from the globe and getting popular. It seems too much for a kid who started the YouTube career at the age of 5 years. Gradually by reaching the age of 8 years the kid has gain so much of popularity. The basic genre was the unboxing gifts and comments on them. Gradually it turned out to the be Ryan Toys Review that eventually became the Children’s channel Ryan’s World. The channels earn around $26 million every year that seems quite so much for a kid. He is getting all this money for his cute and attractive videos on the YouTube channel that is patent with his name.

Dude perfect

You Tubers are not only doing well as independent content creators, but the teams are putting so many efforts on the channels. The dude perfect is a team of five that present the best mix of sports and comedy. The channels are one of its kind that mixes up all the sporty entertainment options for the audiences. These people are perfect in their job and attract most of the audience on their channels by sticking them with the content. The channel earns from YouTube about $20million and ranks one of the best and appealing options.

Anastasia Radzinskaya

Not all the YouTube channels and You Tubers are about the intentional productions and content. Some of them are having struggles and success stories in them, as well. Anastasia was born with cerebral palsy that feared her doctor whether she will be able to speak ever in a life or not. During her sessions and therapies, the parents deiced to record her development and share it with the family and friends using the broadcast medium of YouTube. Gradually, her efforts and regular activities with her father turned out as an attraction for the people globally. Right now, she is doing well with her therapy and channels as well. His channel is making $18 million annually.

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Rhett and Link

With the earnings of $17.5 million, the channel is on the fourth number on the list. It is coming from a duo that works together in forming entertained series on the internet by creating and hosting the YouTube series. They introduced their style of “entertainers,” mixing the terms of the internet and entertainment at the same time. Comedy is something loved by everyone and gain popularity due to a different and unique kind of comedy. The subscribers eagerly wait for the new episodes, and the team is doing well in building up the best content for every coming day and meeting the competition in the best manner as well.

Jeffree Star

By earning the $17 million annually, the Jeffree Star ranks in the top channels on YouTube that are doing good and earning the best. The channel is about giving the make-up and cosmetic tips by the creators. Moreover, she is a fashion-obsessed singer and songwriter that comes up with fusion for all the subscribers. For the channel, the biggest market is the skincare brands, music labels, cosmetics, and many other fashion-related retailers. The channel is doing good as fashion following the audience is getting the perfect takeaways with every video.

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