Top 5 Upcoming Premium Electric Scooters

Scooters are getting very popular among every generation nowadays. From a teenager to an old person, they all are very fond of using this Electric Scooters. The sales percentage is noticed to increase globally over these few years. Increasing demand for scooters has given chances to several companies to launch their scooters in the market.

With the scooters those used to run on fuel, the electric scooters are so in trend these days. Electric scooters are ruling market sales because of the features it has. Let’s plunge into this topic and acknowledge it in a bit detail.


  • Eco-friendly: Since electric scooters do not run on fuel; hence it is not likely to release smoke. Everything regarding this scooter is considered safe for the environment.
  • A good option for short journeys: It provides you with a better ride with zero discomforts if you are traveling a shorter distance.
  • Beating traffic: This vehicle comes as a life savior in traffic. You can easily get away with traffic with this perfect vehicle.
  • Budget-friendly: Electric scooters are known to not bother your pocket much. Some of them are pretty cheap and, even, supermarkets have them up for sale. It is a pretty smart investment.

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There are a lot of electric scooters that are upcoming in the market over some time. There are some of the scooters that are highly awaited and this has its reasons.

Some of the upcoming electric scooters are as mentioned below:

  • BAJAJ CHETAK: This is one of the most awaited scooters to be launched ever. Bajaj Chetak makes people nostalgic with the same name as the brand ‘Chetak’. The battery charging capacity of this scooter is known to be 80% in 3.5 hours. It takes 5 hours to fully get charged. It will provide 25km for every hour it is charged.
  • TVS CREON: TVS is a very well-known brand for all of us. It is recorded to get 80% charged in just 60 minutes. It has a range of 80km. The riding mode of this vehicle is known to be 3.
  • BLACKSMITH B3: These bikes are manufactured in China. It has one of the very unique body designs available for scooters. The range that this scooter share is known to be 120km. It also processes to have the climbing capability a 25 degrees gradient. The price tag of this vehicle is expected to be less than 1.5 lakh INR.
  • ATHER ENERGY SCOOTER: you must be aware of the brand ‘Hero’. It is one of the oldest and most authentic brands ever. Along with all the features of electricity, it will share 75km range on average. The price of this vehicle is expected to be approximately 1.5 lakh Indian rupees.
  • MAHINDRA GUSTO ELECTRIC: It is another one of the eagerly awaited scooters ever. Gusto is known to contain a 3kw motor to power it. The maximum speed it will share is approximately 60km/h. Although it will share the 80km range. This vehicle is expected to contain parts of the cycle and many designs from the combustion engine internally.

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For example, you can check out the price of Bajaj scooters on Bajaj Bikes Price List online.

With a little bit of research and smart thinking, you can find the perfect bike for yourself within the price range you want.

Have fun riding!

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