Top 7 Reasons Why People Love Sydney

Today we are going to know about Why People Love Sydney. Our world is loaded up with alluring places. Some places might be more beautiful than others, but it’s the general feel of the city that makes you love it, it’s not only about the landmarks you should visit or the natural beauties that it provides. The reasons why there are places that are more popular than others is the unique and special feel it has, and the X factor that it holds.

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Sydney is one of the cities that every person who visited it has fallen in love with This city in Australia is worth all the hype. Locals, ex-pats, and visitors will agree about this. Here are the top reasons why people love Sydney.

7 Reasons Why People Love Sydney

The Perfect Weather

The Perfect Weather

Of course, this is too obvious! Our list of reasons will not be complete if we don’t mention the great weather they have. Sydney is a paradise that’s beaming with sunlight and a lovely blue sky. Some locals may not agree since it can be a little ‘muggy’ for them or they may complain about the odd storm during the summer months. However, there are types of people who shiver in the ‘cold’ when it hits 14C. For most people, the nearly constant sun, the 30C heat, softened by a cool sea breeze, and the seeming counteraction to rain makes Sydney heaven, without all the other great stuff that’s going to make in this list.

But that is quite the thing. It’s all about the beautiful weather and healthy daily dosages of vitamin D that multiplies so much fascination into the city, the people that live there, and the people who visit. Isn’t it amazing when you’re constantly bronzed? Plus, the weather makes it more ideal for having a romantic beach romantic getaways!

Yummiest Dishes

Australians have the tradition to bond over food as much as anyone. However, if you’re going to bring the topic of what their best traditional food or the typical Aussie dish, you would not get a specific answer. Why? After years of immigration, international cuisine became the norm in Australia. When you’re in Sydney, you’ll discover mouth-watering and authentic Latino, Asian, European, and even African cuisine. The city center will provide some samples of Asia’s yummiest dishes in Chinatown, Thai Town, and Koreatown. If your stomach isn’t full yet, head to the neighborhood of Marrickville for Greek, Vietnamese, Turkish, Lebanese, and many more.

Pristine Beaches

Pristine Beaches

With so many kilometers of coastline provide Sydney with a lot of beaches. The city also offers everyone with different tastes, such as calm water, sea pools, coves, and surf spots. There are many beach-to-beach coastal walks, nature trails (Gordons Bay), surfing culture at Newport beaches, etc. People also love Sydney beaches because they make their day out easy, with electric barbeques, kiosks, changing rooms, public toilets, and play areas.

Insane Nightlife

Although this is already something that every big city has, the nightlife in Sydney is really special. Why? No matter what time you go out, you can easily find a place to dance the night away, or simply drink cocktails or beers sitting at the counter. If you’re looking for a fun bachelor night, hit a strip club there and see for yourself the beauties of Sydney! Meanwhile, you can also discover a plethora of underground parties, if it’s something you’re craving for.

Aussie People

Australians are a really friendly and awesome bunch of people. People from Sydney are already used to see and deal with tourists daily, and they will not have any problems helping you out! Plus, if you’re looking for love, you might even find someone there! Who knows, right?

Trails and Walks

Trails and Walks

Since Sydney is filled with so much coastline, the most effective way to explore the city is on foot. If you have no idea where to begin, start with the simple 1.8 kilometers Hermitage Foreshore Track, the park-style Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. Don’t worry if you are a bit confused, and there are plenty of tour companies who provide guided walks of Sydney’s coastal trails. But if you’re the independent type, you may have a do it yourself with a picnic lunch and great company.

Laid-back Attitude

Australia is pretty laid-back! It’s great to visit a city where people are accommodating and positive. Everything in Sydney is laid-back, the reason why a lot of tourists cannot forget their trip there. The place and the people have the sun, the ocean, and surfing! Why wouldn’t they be laid-back?

If you’re into the laid-back attitude, you want to try out their surfing, or at least see some of the best surfers in Sydney doing their magic! So aside from the famous spots and landmarks, do your best to get closer to the people, go out, and explore. You’ll realize that the place is like no other place in the world.

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