Top 8 Facts How to increase android app downloads

Today, we are going to read about How to increase android app downloads. So you’ve quite recently fabricated an iOS application or perhaps an Android one. You’re happy for your plan, the app takes a shot at each gadget you tried, and there are all accounts no opposition in your speciality. After distributing it, you feel free to share it on your Facebook Profile page. You think you’re onto a victor!

Following day you’re anxious to look at what number of individuals have downloaded it. “12 downloads” and not a solitary survey. Hm… something must not be right! So you start to advance it now truly. You spam your companions continually with Twitter and Facebook refreshes. After a month, you’re still under 500 downloads. How to increase android app downloads?

Here are a couple of stunts I’ve discovered that will help your download numbers develop (while likewise shielding your Facebook companions from detailing you).

Top 8 Facts How to increase android app downloads

1. Incredible Translated Descriptions

Ensure you have a pleasant, long depiction for your application to put it up the commercial centre. This is for your clients and your application’s positioning. You have to give the time and do this right.

Where conceivable, your portrayal ought to confined in most standard dialects, for example, Chinese, Korean, Spanish or French. Google Play has a decent element (which won’t be accessible with the new Developer Console update, so pick up the pace) which will let you interpret naturally utilizing Google Translate. In any case, a few presentations do come up peculiar, so ensure you double-check Google’s work.

For the App Store, you could do it without anyone else’s help or investigate human interpretation; it merits the cash, or simply utilize the program rendition of Google Translate.

Your depiction ought to contain specific watchwords you’re focusing with your application. Let’s assume you have a camera application named “Out of control Camera Tricks”. Utilize the word ‘camera’ 3-6 times in your application depiction, (while keeping it significant) and utilize the words ‘stunts’ and ‘astounding’ a couple of times.

Go on the typical Adwords Keyword Tool and quest for sidelong watchwords to use also. Utilizing parallel catchphrases (the ones proposed by Google after you’ve done your principle search) will improve your application’s opportunity to get into the indexed lists for those primary watchwords. You need to make a Goldilocks portrayal: not all that much catchphrase use, not very long or excessively short. Keep it adjusted.

2. Make a Video

Making a video for your application is an unquestionable requirement. In case you’re going down this street, I would encourage you to recruit an expert organization or a video altering (independent) in addition to a voice ability. There are even portable explicit video editors, similar to the folks at Apptamin, who represent considerable authority in application recordings.

In the time that you will put resources into a video, ensure it has captions for the neighbourhood language. If you have the cash, have it converted into the most well-known dialects. It will do miracles to your download rate.

3. CPI Burst Campaigns

The vast majority of the traffic from the look on both Google Play and the App Store will go just to the dimension the 50th application in the rundown. Usually, engineers endeavour to make their use arrive at the most noteworthy spot. One strategy is by utilizing a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign utilizing various publicists.

You’ll pay a specific measure of cash for each introduces. The thought isn’t to make a positive profit for your money, yet to move in the rundown of Top 50 apps in your speciality. If you arrive at that detect, the impacts will keep going long enough for you to get your cash’s worth.

This is best utilized while you are as of now riding a high flood of downloads. Intensifying that with an all-around considered CPI Burst Campaign can make your application into a victor.

There are vast amounts of advertisement systems offering CPI Campaigns. You could investigate Tapjoy, Leadbolt or even specific application revelation administrations, for example, MagicSolver who are providing this administration.

4. Constrained Discounts

You can offer your app for nothing or at discounted for a while. Couple that with the beforementioned CPI battle and a medium-sized client base as of now set up, and the impacts can be stunning. There are additionally applications which can help advance your limited application, like how everyday bargain locales work. AppGratis is one of them.

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5. Get the word out

There are a few administrations out which can deal with official statement appropriation for you, for example, PRWeb or MarketWired. Simply compose your official statement and send it out. There are even portable explicit offices, for instance, AppShout which can assist you with reaching countless sites and distributions.

Regardless of whether you utilize these administrations, I would encourage you to by and by contact medium-sized web journals for audits. Typically these folks are anxious to see new applications, and because they aren’t excessively enormous, you won’t become yesterday’s news too quickly. That will mean more traffic.

When you get an average measured distribution to expound on you, contact each other littler blog, alluding to the main article on the medium-sized blog. They’ll gladly explain on you. Give an individual, interesting story to each. Don’t simply rehash your official statement. No one loves twofold substance, and I assume Google doesn’t also.

6. Keep your eyes on the client

Having an investigation is an unquestionable requirement. You’ll need to keep your dynamic gadget numbers as high as could be expected under the circumstances. That is the way to persistent downloads. A decent application investigation should offer multi-application alternatives, enable you to analyze between them, let you see the client’s practices, from download until application cancellation. You’ll likewise need to set up key trigger focuses inside the application to run A/B testing. 

7. Utilize a spread picture for Google Play

Such a significant number of Android engineers neglect to do the most straightforward things, for example, making a spread picture for their application. Try not to commit a similar error. A spread picture can truly help client downloads. Make it remarkable, and don’t utilize a same image from the screen capture, if you do use a similar view, at any rate, set aside the effort to resize it so it won’t look abnormal. You need clients to confide in you before they will download your application. 

8. Proficient, genuine screen captures

Your application’s screen captures ought to be as fresh, spotless and proficient as (humanly) conceivable. If you can, take some high-res photos of a genuine individual utilizing your application on their telephone/tablet. Show a youngster in your shot, using the app if your application is for small children. Supplant it with an entrepreneur, on the off chance that it is a business application. Ensure the application can be unmistakably observed.

The purpose of the screen capture is for the client to see the application in real life. Have at any rate three screen captures, ideally 6. Each screen capture ought to contain an alternate example of the application.


So there you have to read How to increase android app downloads. These eight focuses helped me become my application business to more than 7 million downloads on our whole portfolio in less than a year. In conclusion, I was unable to have done it without my partners, so one final thing – ensure you have an extraordinary group working with you. A portion of the tips above are really difficult to execute, so you have to have skilled, devoted individuals around you.

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