What Do You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

Adopting a healthy diet and other positive lifestyle habits can help prevent erectile dysfunction. It should not, because it is a problem that affects many men sometime in their life. Some foods help to have a good erection and more pleasant sexual relations. Although this is not usually one of the functions expected to improve when adopting a healthy diet, it is still an effect that exists.

Today we will tell you about some eating habits and specific products that influence sexual and reproductive health, especially for men. Read on to find out.

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What are we talking about?

Erectile dysfunction defines as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. That is, it is a disorder that affects the specific moment of the relationship.

It is a multidimensional problem and shared in many men throughout their lives. It estimates that in the year 2025, there could be around 320 million cases worldwide.

As the Hospital Super p Force, de Barcelona experts indicate, erection problems can have causes of diverse origins, such as the following:

  • At the hormonal level, they linked to low levels of testosterone, which is the sxx hormone responsible for regulating sexual desire and erection.
  • The nervous system and circulatory system also play a role in the erection reflex.
  • In some situations, it has a psychological origin, for example, in cases of anxiety, depression, or stress.
  • It is also an adverse effect of some medications, such as beta-blockers used in heart conditions.

What foods help to have a good erection?

When considering which foods help to have a good erection, the causes explained above must be considered. Although some are not modifiable, the right food choice can have a positive effect on other cases.

For example, all those foods that help in the cardiovascular and nervous system’s optimal functioning will be suitable. Similarly, those that facilitate the segregation of testosterone. Also, and as we will see later, it is essential to consider all those habit patterns that negatively affect erectile function.

1. Don’t avoid dietary fats

To produce adequate levels of testosterone, the body needs cholesterol. Hence the importance of introducing fatty foods into the diet.

Dietary intervention increases the level of male hormones in the blood of people who adhere to a diet rich in fat, compared to another more abundant in carbohydrates. However, not all types of lipids are valid for this purpose.

It is positive to choose extra virgin olive oil, coconut, and avocado to contribute to monounsaturated fatty acids. Omega-3 acids found in oily fish also help. Also, these are protectors of the cardiovascular system and the arteries that supply the male reproductive system.

2. Sufficient supply of zinc

This trace element is essential for growth, immunity, and reproduction. It plays a vital role in the development and function of the male sex organs.

It hypothesized that zinc sulfate therapy could improve sexual activity.  We must add the data that relates to the low amounts of it in the diet with more economical production of testosterone.

This is a list of some foods that help to have a good erection since they are among the most abundant in zinc:

  • Mollusks and shellfish, such as oysters, crabs, and lobsters.
  • Eggs.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and Brazil nuts.

At the moment, it is best to ensure these food sources in the natural diet, without resorting to artificial preparations. Further studies are needed to assess zinc supplements’ suitability, their safety, and their adverse effects.

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3. The role of nitric oxide

After the initial sexual stimulus that begins the erection, the blood vessels must continue to produce nitric oxide, keep it longer, and harden it.

Some foods promote the production of this substance, and that can include in the diet regularly. They are walnuts, salmon, dark chocolate, and all the vegetables rich in float (Brussels sprouts, spinach, leeks, or asparagus).

4. Red fruits that provide antioxidants

Anthocyanidins are one of the main components of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. These compounds have an exciting antioxidant activity in erectile dysfunction problems.

Tadarise 20  role is related to that of nitric acid since a high presence of free radicals in the body prevents or hinders their secretion. Both in cardiovascular and metabolic pathologies with an incidence in the arteries control over cellular oxidation processes is a pillar of improving quality of life.

The adverse effects of eating on erectile function

Apart from knowing what foods help to have a good erection, it is vital to highlight the dietary guidelines that make it difficult. Most do not have to do with specific foods, but with some habits and the structure of diets.

The elements that have a negative influence are the following:

  • A high body mass index and the presence of overweight or obesity.
  • Very restrictive and low-fat diets.
  • The eating pattern based on red meat, refined flour, processed Super Vidalista, and simple sugars. Among those who follow it, there are more problems with erectile dysfunction than those who follow a Mediterranean-type pattern.

Start discovering the foods that help a proper erection.

Erectile dysfunction can improve with a diet rich in fatty fish, nuts, red fruits, pumpkin seeds, eggs, and green leafy vegetables. They may not be in your regular eating plan, but you can incorporate them now that you know their benefits.

This diet will be more effective if accompanied by healthy lifestyle habits that avoid a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, alcohol, and tobacco. Consult with doctors and nutritionists if you have questions. It is crucial to tailor the schemes to each patient to obtain a noticeable improvement.


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