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What is the Average Cost to Replace a Roof With Shingles in Monroe

Monroe is a place where you can see a lot of different houses, all of whom got their history and story. All homes are unique in themselves, especially when it comes to their roofs and front outlook.

There are many different types of roofing materials which the constructors in Monroe use for the unique houses. We are going to mention the top 5 types of roofs and the materials used on them in Monroe. We are also going to say their other specifications like their durability, price, and sustainability for you to have an idea about that are the most popular roofs in Monroe are made.

Types of roofs that can see Shingles in Monroe:

Tiles made of concrete or clay:

Tiles are resistant to extreme weather, just like metal. The roofs that are made up of clay tiles or concrete tiles are very longlasting and durable; however, they are also cumbersome and hard to install (not to mention time taking too). Tiles can even stay intact in extreme weather conditions like extreme summers (heat makes clay or concrete even more hard and resilient).

There is a wide variety of tiles, including tiles that look like metal, wood, or slates from which you can choose according to liking and according to the matching of your house or any other building. But, before installing these tiles on your roof, you should make sure that your roof is strong enough to hold this kind of weight and won’t collapse under it because tiles can be tough when putting together on the whole roof.

These tiles are a bit expensive, but they are worth investing in because they are as longlasting as 50 years and are also made from natural products, so they are environment-friendly too.

Various Metals:

When it comes to metal roofs, you can use multiple products like steel roofs, aluminum roofs, tile roofs, or copper roofs. Metal roofs are generally durable and are available in much variety of designs. The price of metal roofs varies because the metal you choose (steel, copper, tile, etc.) and the plan you want will determine its price; they can be very pricy or not pricy at all (depends on your choice).

Metal roofing is durable (can live up to 50 years or more) and are made from recycled products which makes them suitable for the environment, they are also light and very easily installed on the roofs and because they are light it is also easy to repair them. Another plus point of the metal roof is that they keep the homes fresher in summers and warmer in winters.

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Asphalt Shingles:

These shingles are the most popular and loved roofing material in Monroe. More than 75% of people use asphalt shingles on their roofs. They are so popular because they are durable (for their life span can last for more than 25 years), have a variety of color and style, and range and mainly because they look super cute and decent on the roofs.

The price of the asphalt shingles varies from variety to variety, but generally, they are not expensive. Since these shingles are made up of petroleum products, so they are not at all eco-friendly, but now people realize the threat of these shingles on the environment. They have started to recycle the old shingles which are popularly used today for new road making (it’s incredible how something old is used to create something new). It Is also easy to repair the shingles.


We all know that slates are beautiful and there is no doubt about that, but they are also costly there is no doubt about that too. Slates are exceptionally durable and longlasting as they can fight even the most terrible weather; they can stay intact for a maximum of 100 years. Moreover, it is pretty much easy to repair the slates. Slates are heavy, so make sure that your house can withstand that much weight and also do not install slates in high heat areas (preferable) because it can lower its life span. Slates are made naturally, so they are recyclable and eco-friendly products.

Wooden shakes and shingles:

Wooden roofs look great and make the property looks and feel of a rustic or vintage cottage. The trees whose shakes and shingles that people of Monroe prefer for their roofs are a southern pine tree, cedar trees, and redwood trees. However, there is a drawback of a wooden roof that they can easily catch fire until you cover them with a fire-resistant coat only than they become safe (still not entirely reliable). The wood roofs are also not very durable; they can stay up to 25 years, but during that time, they can rot, mold, or develop splinters because of which they require constant maintenance. They are not eco-friendly products but are still loved by people.

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