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What Is The Best Vertigo Medication And Home Remedies

What Is The Best Vertigo Medication And Home Remedies? Vertigo is a common condition that is experienced by a large percentage of the population irrespective of age and gender, and in some cases, it even remains undiagnosed throughout the lifespan. Vertigo spells can range from mild to severe depending on the underlying condition. Yes, you read that right. Vertigo is not a disease or an ailment itself, it is a symptom of various underlying causes that comes with its own sets of symptoms.

You must be thinking of what is vertigo (chakkar aana)? The sensation of spinning where the world seems to blur around and a person experiences whether he is spinning or nearby surroundings are spinning all by itself is known as vertigo. Living with vertigo is not an easy task as it seems to the outside world. Accomplishing daily chores seems to be a hectic task and simple activities like walking, standing, and jogging seems tiring.

Inflammation or injury in the inner ear, vestibular system, central nervous system, or brainstem results in causing vertigo dizziness in patients. Apart from it, various health conditions like diabetes, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, tumor, stroke, etc. contribute to the occurrence of vertigo bouts.

Vertigo spells can range from mild to severe. Mild vertigo (chakkar aana) conditions are treated well with vertigo home remedies and exercises for vertigo. If you are experiencing repeated episodes of vertigo spells quite frequently it indicates a severe condition, consulting an expert neurologist is recommended in such cases. He will examine the condition closely by asking you to undergo various vertigo tests to diagnose the underlying condition causing sudden bouts of vertigo. He would prescribe you with the right dose of vertigo medicine to treat the underlying cause and would suggest right vertigo treatment and exercises for vertigo to be practiced daily for a speedy recovery. Surgery is recommended rarely by medicals to treat vertigo conditions.

Let’s dig in to know about the best vertigo medicine and vertigo remedies to escalate symptoms and treat vertigo conditions completely.

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What are the best Vertigo medicines?

Apart from managing the sudden occurrence of vertigo bouts, vertigo medicine helps in treating other symptoms like dizziness, nausea, vomiting, jerky eye movements, etc. as well that comes along with spinning sensations. Doctors prescribe various drugs to treat vertigo spins depending upon the underlying cause and the severity of the condition. Various vertigo medicines are available in the market in variant Mg, your doctor will suggest the mg after examining the condition completely. In some cases, neurologists even prescribe certain suppressants to ease the vertigo conditions. Here is a list of some most commonly prescribed best vertigo medicines that help in easing vertigo bouts. It is advised not to self medicate without consulting a medical professional.

Vertin Tablet

Vertin tablet is the most common vertigo medicine prescribed by doctors to the majority of patients who are diagnosed with vertigo. Vertin tablets are quite effective in treating Meniere’s disease as it helps in managing fluid build up in the inner ear.

If you are experiencing vertigo spins due to Meniere’s disease, your doctor may prescribe you a dose of a Vertin tablet to ease the condition. Apart from it, Vertin tablets are quite effective in managing other symptoms like ringing sensation, hearing loss, repeated episodes of dizziness as well. Your neurologist will prescribe you with a guide of precautions to be taken while you are on a dose of Vertin tablet.

Stugeron Forte Tablet

Prolonged migraine headaches can be one such cause of vertigo spells. If you are experiencing vertigo spells due to migraines, your doctor may ask you to go on a 3-day dose of Stugeron Forte Tablet to ease the condition. Stugeron Forte Tablet is one of the best vertigo treatments for acute vertigo attacks as it comprises a drug named Cinnarizine that helps in recovering various symptoms like motion sickness and migraines that lead to repeated episodes of vertigo.

Stemetil Tablet

Stemetil tablet is counted among one of the best vertigo medicines to ease recurring episodes of vertigo and treat other symptoms like dizziness, uneasiness, nausea, etc. Certain health conditions do not permit doctors to prescribe Stemetil Tablet to treat vertigo. He will first closely monitor your complete medical history before prescribing Stemetil vertigo medicine. Respiratory disorders, kidney disorders, thyroid disorders, liver disorder, cardiac condition, pregnancy, jaundice, etc. are some health conditions that do not support Stemetil Tablet.

Meclizine Tablet

Meclizine Tablet is counted among the best vertigo medicines to treat acute vertigo spells. It is the only vertigo medicine that is prescribed by doctors even in pregnancy.

 What are the best remedies for easing vertigo spells?

If the condition is mild, adopting certain home remedies and following exercises for vertigo regularly at home helps in easing the condition. Here is a list of some best vertigo home remedies and repositioning maneuvers that help in alleviating vertigo symptoms at a faster rate. Certain vertigo remedies can even be practiced along with vertigo medicine after consulting an expert neurologist.

Drink ginger tea twice a day

Ginger roots are well known for their curative properties and are quite effective in easing vertigo symptoms. Boil ginger roots in water and drink ginger tea twice a day to prevent vertigo spells from getting severe. Ginger tea is counted as one of the best vertigo treatments in mild vertigo cases.

 Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a natural supplement that is quite effective in preventing vertigo spells. It is readily available in the market that helps in easing acute vertigo conditions. It helps in managing the blood flow to the brain thereby easing dizziness and balance disorders.

Mix a portion of apple cider vinegar and honey

Mixing 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar and taking 2 spoons of honey helps in easing vertigo spells as it helps in managing blood flow to the brain.


 Acupressure is one of the most commonly prescribed vertigo treatments at home. It provides wellness and relaxes the whole body. Acupressure treats vertigo symptoms by stimulating pressure points throughout the body.

Include almonds in a daily diet

 Including almonds in your daily diet helps in easing vertigo bouts as they are the rich sources of vitamins that help in combating underlying vertigo causes. Make it a habit of eating a handful of almonds daily in the morning. Grind it or gulp it with a glass of milk.

Alter certain lifestyle habits

Give up on smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol as it may make the condition worse.

Diet rich in vitamins

Include a diet rich in vitamins in your daily meals as a lack of vitamin content triggers the vertigo condition even further.  Orange juice, egg, fresh meat, etc. are some of the common sources that are rich in Vitamins.

Exercises for vertigo

Certain repositioning maneuvers help in easing vertigo conditions completely if practiced twice a day regularly for up to 4 weeks. The right exercises for vertigo help in easing the condition, it is advised to seek medical help for accurate postures and techniques before practicing on self. He will diagnose the underlying vertigo condition and would suggest the right vertigo exercise accordingly. If you are diagnosed with BPPV, an expert neurologist will advise you to practice some repositioning maneuvers for up to 3 weeks to subside vertigo symptoms.

Epley maneuver, Rosemont maneuver, barbeque maneuver, foster exercise, and Brandt-Daroff exercise are some of the commonly prescribed exercises for vertigo that help in treating vertigo spins. It is advised to practice certain exercises for vertigo in the presence of another person as it involves certain head and body movements and you feel slightly dizzy just after completing it.

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